DokladiSchool announces documentary filmmaking course

12 April 2021 15:51 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

DokladiSchool invites you to join professional filmmaking course for documentary directors who have a project idea they wish to develop and produce.

The course offers an introduction to documentary cinema with weekly film presentations and screenings followed by group discussions. This is a great opportunity to explore the genre in greater depth by watching a carefully selected cross section of documentary films. 

During the course, documentary directors will learn about various schools of documentary cinema and have the opportunity to discover different styles of the genre in weekly screening sessions run by professional documentary filmmakers.

Each session will open with a presentation by the professionals and will be followed by a group discussion. 

Various themes will be presented and discussed as part of the event, including the role of the director, ethics, artistic approach, political or historical context and much more. This is a great opportunity to broaden your understanding of documentary cinema while taking part in group discussions with fellow enthusiasts and professionals.

Moreover, participants will learn about the practical and theoretical skills required to make a film. They will be presented with insights into the requirements of the documentary film industry while learning how to develop their own ideas. The documentary directors will be coached individually by film professionals to develop their projects and bring their ideas from thought to page. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop the documentary filmmaking craft, while being guided in putting into practice new skillsets in writing a comprehensive dossier that can be presented to the industry.

At the end of the course, all motivated participants should not only have greater understanding of what it takes to make a documentary film, but they will be armed with a written dossier and pitching skills that will enable them to apply to any platform out there and have a fantastic chance of succeeding.

This is not a course for hobbyists, it will require hard work and dedication, but if
participants are prepared to put the time then they will undoubtedly reap the benefits.This year there is an exciting opportunity for participants of this course to partake in an exclusive pitching program to a selection of international film festivals and producers.

The best two projects of this course will be awarded with a cash prize to continue developing their project and one participant will be given a chance to pitch their project at CineDoc Tbilisi to an audience of influential international industry representatives. If you want be taken seriously as a professional filmmaker, then this is the platform to move your career on to the next level.

Send your application no later than 15 April, 2021. For application, please visit the following link.

Doklad is an online art platform created for talented young artists who want to fulfill their potential. iSchool is a film school set up under the DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival.

The film festival brings the best documentaries from around the world to Baku. It is the first independent documentary film festival in Azerbaijan. Since the establishment of the festival in 2017, its aim has been to present a showcase of handpicked, specially elected documentary films from all over the world in the international program as well as local competition which aims to support the local filmmakers and non-fiction production. 


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