Azerbaijani Army's operational-tactical drills under way [PHOTO/VIDEO]

16 March 2021 11:31 (UTC+04:00)

By Vafa Ismayilova

The exercises conducted with the involvement of various types of Azerbaijani troops continue, the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry reported on March 15.

The drills started on March 15 and will continue till March 18.

Under the plan of the operational-tactical exercises, rocket and artillery units have left the places of their permanent deployment on alert and are moving to the areas of destination, the report added.

The ministry said in a different report that under the plan, the troops occupy concentration areas and form groupings. Combat work is organized at the command and control posts of the troops.

A separate ministry report said that as part of the operational-tactical exercises, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carry out reconnaissance at various altitudes and transmit the received information to control centres.
UAV crews also work out issues of detecting the positions and also the targets in the depth of the defence of the imaginary enemy and transmitting relevant data to control centres.

According to the plan, the tasks on troop actions are being worked out on the maps during the operational-tactical exercises in the field control points.

Reports prepared according to the current situation are brought to the attention of command staff as orders by means of an automated control system. Field command points of reserve formations and centrally subordinated formations are moving forward to the areas of responsibility, the ministry said.

On March 16, the ministry also reported that during the exercises commanders of types of troops, commanders of Army Corps and relevant officials have reported on the progress of the exercises. After hearing reports relevant tasks on troops control were assigned.

Earlier on March 15, the ministry reported that according to the plan of the operational-tactical exercises, the troops, command posts, combat, and reserve units that have been put on alert are moving forward to the areas of responsibility. The troops' redeployment is implemented covertly and operationally, according to the demands of their organization. The commandant service regulates all movements of troops and military vehicles.

The exercises held under Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov’s command involve up to 10,000 military personnel, up to 100 tanks and other armoured vehicles, up to 200 missiles and various-calibre artillery systems, multiple launch rocket systems, and mortars, up to 30 military aviation assets, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes.

During the exercises conducted in a mountain-wooded area with difficult terrain taking into account the combat experience gained during the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh War, the main attention is paid to controlling troops, bringing them into the state of combat readiness and regrouping, as well as improving combat coordination and interoperability among the Army Corps, Rocket and Artillery Troops, aviation and Special Forces.

During the exercises, the troops will fulfil tasks to fight against terrorist detachments (groups), in particular, illegal armed formations, and to conduct counter-terrorism operations.


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