Majestic Shusha Castle [PHOTO]

4 February 2021 13:59 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Built in the mountains, the city of Shusha is known as Azerbaijan's historical and cultural center.

Every corner to be visited in Shusha will meet you with another historical touch.

Azerbaijan liberated the city after 28 years of the Armenian occupation on November 8.

Shusha Castle is considered one of the city's most iconic monuments.The historical core was named "Panahabad fortress".

In 1753, Panah Ali Khan enacted a decree on reconstruction of Shusha Castle amid unfavorable geographical position of Bayat and Shahbulag castles. So, the center of the Karabagh khanate was transferred to Shusha Castle.

The castle has a strategically favorable location. The monument is constructed in Arran style of architecture.

Mainly the local stone, lime and yolk mixture were used in construction of the Shusha castle.

Shusha Castle walls were built with four gates. The main gate was facing north towards the road to Ganja, and was therefore named Ganja Gate.

The Ganja Gate bears architectural importance and is often mentioned among other significant 279 attributes of the Shusha State Historical and Architectural Reserve.

A battle tower is placed on the walls of the fortress for every 50 meters. During the attack of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the walls of the fortress collapsed as a result of artillery fire.

By the order of Ibrahimkhalil khan, the Irevan gate was built to ensure the security of the city.

At close quarters of the castle there is a bridge known as Gala Bridge. Four castle gates were built in order to connect Shusha with the outside world.

The names of Ganja, Aghoghlan and Irevan gates have survived to our time. However, the name and the location of the fourth gate are unknown.

That gate is supposed to be removed during reconstruction of the castle walls by Ibrahimkhalil Khan.


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