Azerbaijan producing lubricants based on new components

23 January 2021 13:40 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

The resident of the Hi-Tech Park (HTP) of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) produces lubricants based on new technology used for the first time in the world, the HTP told Trend.

“The HTP resident, Pilot Production Plant, produces Solidol-J lubricants, Graphite grease, and Litol-24 based on sulfated animal and vegetable oils. This technology was proposed by the experts of this enterprise and is used for the first time in the world,” said the message.

According to the message, these products, which meet the highest quality indicators, are environmentally friendly, since they are obtained from a mixture of natural fatty acids and medium viscosity petroleum oils, hydrated with calcium soap.

“Solidol-J is a general-purpose wear-resistant grease formulated for temperate climates. This lubricant, which is a substitute for Litola-24, is used in agricultural machinery mechanisms, rough rubbing machine parts, screw and chain drives of hand tools and accessories, as well as in low-speed transmissions,” the message reads.

Like synthetic solids, this product has good viscosity-temperature properties, low compressibility during storage, and does not harden when broken. It is more effective in the temperature range from -25 to +65 ° C, therefore it is used in powerful mechanisms at low temperatures, the park noted.

Another product of the plant is graphite grease, which is widely used in rubbing parts of heavy low-speed mechanisms, in springs and suspensions of tractors and machines, when lubricating rubbing parts of open gear shafts.

Litol-24 grease produced by the plant is used to lubricate bearings of cars, industrial machines, and electrical equipment, the park added.