SOCAR bonds will again bring their owners $1.25 million

17 January 2021 12:53 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Having issued the first bonds in 2016, SOCAR has achieved great success in the securities market and has maintained the status of the most traded security since its appearance in the secondary market, Trend reports citing “SOCAR Capital”.

According to information, the next coupon payment of $ 1,250,000 on SOCAR bonds which has a par value of $ 1,000, maturity of 5 years and quarterly paid coupon rate of 5% will be transferred to the bank accounts of bondholders on January 18 (since the coupon date does not coincide with the working day, payment will be executed the next working day).

SOCAR bonds, which have become the most sought-after security by investors for more than 4 years, will again bring their owners $1.25 million as a result of 17th coupon payment on January 18. Thus, the total income of bondholders will increase to $ 21 million 250 thousand.

The high demand for SOCAR Bonds can be observed from secondary market transactions that exceeded $ 195 million, total transaction numbers that surpassed 2,300 and REPO deals that reached $ 37 million which makes the instrument the best-selling corporate financial tool on the Baku Stock Exchange.

When bondholders need funds, they can raise short-term funds with REPO transactions without selling their bonds, as well as take loans on favorable terms by pledging their bonds in a bank. In these cases, bondholders continue to receive their coupon payments.

The next coupon payment of SOCAR bonds, which can also be obtained at ASAN 1 and 5 service centers, will be paid on April 17, 2021. For more information number *19 99 always at the disposal of investors


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