National History Museum displays art works of national artists [PHOTO]

26 October 2020 17:15 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

National History Museum has displayed art works of talented artists, professors at Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts Mir Azer Abdullayev and Vugar Ali.

The artists dedicated their masterpieces to Azerbaijan's history and Nagorno-Karabakh region. The art works are inspired by bravery of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces who are fighting for the liberation of Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenian invaders. 

The art works include Azer Abdullayev's paintings "Stab in the back", "Ethnocide", "Azerbaijani soldier who turned sorrow into joy!" as well as Vugar Ali's posters "Shusha", ""Glorious history of Karabakh!", "Earth - Motherland!". 

The works were handed over through the head of the museum's Department of Scientific Mass Work and Education  Farida Shamsi.

Mir Azer Abdullayev is a member Azerbaijan Artists Union. He is also a lecturer at the design department of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts. His works have been displayed at republican and international exhibitions. 

Many of his paintings have won awards and prizes at various exhibitions and competitions. The artist's works are kept  in private collections in Azerbaijan and abroad. 

Vugar Ali's paintings are filled with sunlight. The canvases depict picturesque houses, narrow streets of the Old City as well as wide avenues and majestic buildings.

Vugar Ali has been drawing since a very young age. He inherited his father's devotion to art.

However, the things have turned out quite differently. Many years passed and the artist's father chose another profession. Despite all challenges, Vugar Ali made his father's elusive dream come true.

Vugar Ali was engaged in drawing at the Palace of Culture and Visual Arts in Zagulba and other institutions. During this time, he met with Mesume Aghayeva, who played an invaluable role in the life of the artist.

In 1991, the artist entered the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, where he studied at the Faculty of Industrial Graphics.

As a student, Vugar Ali participated in various exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was held in 1985 at the Palace of Pioneers.

Musical theme takes a special place in the art of Vugar Ali. Through his art, the artist perfectly expressed all richness of jazz music.

His art works were successfully presented at Baku International Jazz Festival (2016).

The exhibition featured the portraits of Azerbaijani and foreign jazzmen of different generations - Emma Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Rafig Babayev, Parviz Rustambayov, Vagif Mustafazade, ─░sfar Sarabskiy and others.

His next exhibition "The Rhythms of Colors" displayed more than 50 paintings inspired by jazz music. The event took place at Baku Museum Center, bringing together public and art figures.

Moreover, Vugar Ali is currently teaching at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.

Presently, the artist is working on new paintings. He plans to further delight art lovers with his colorful art works.

Azerbaijan National Museum of History is one of the architectural pearls of the country, dating back to the 19th century. The largest museum in the country, was originally the private residence of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, who was the famous national oil baron remembered for his generous philanthropy.

Over 300,000 items are assembled in 10 collections in the museum, including a valuable library consisting mainly of unique books.

The collections allow visitors and researchers to investigate the history of the country and the daily life and culture of the nation from ancient times to the present.


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