686,300 foreigners visit country in Jan-Sep

20 October 2020 18:47 (UTC+04:00)

By Ayya Lmahamad

Some 686,300 foreigners and stateless persons from around 155 countries visited Azerbaijan during the period of January-September 2020, State Statistics Committee has reported.

According to the statement, the number of people arriving in the country during the reporting period was by 3.5 times less than in the same period last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

During the reporting period, 28.1 percent of visitors came to Azerbaijan from the Russian Federation, 24.9 percent from Georgia, 18.1 percent from Turkey, 8.3 percent from Iran, 2.1 percent from Ukraine, 1.8 percent from India, 1.7 percent Saudi Arabia, 1.2 percent from the United Arab Emirates, 1.2 percent from Pakistan and Kazakhstan. In addition, 1.1 per cent came from Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, 1 percent from Kuwait, 0.9 percent from the United Kingdom, 0.7 percent from Uzbekistan, Iraq and Belarus, 0.6 percent from Israel, 5.8 percent were citizens of other countries and 0.1 percent were stateless persons. Moreover, 78.7 percent of visitors were men and 21.3 percent were women.

Likewise, the number of arrivals from China decreased by 14 times, from South Korea by 12.2 times, from Israel by 9.2 times, from Poland by 9 times, from Japan by 8.8 times, from Iraq by 8.4 times, from Saudi Arabia by 7.8 times, from Hungary by 7.2 times, from Oman and U.S. by 6.4 times, from Canada and the United Arab Emirates by 6.3 times, from France by 5.7 times, from Germany and Turkmenistan by 5.2 times, from Qatar by 5.1 times, from the Netherlands by 5 times, from the United Kingdom by 4.9 percent, from Kazakhstan by 4.5 times, from Pakistan by 4.4 times.

Furthermore, the number of arrivals from the EU member states amounted to 20,100, from the Persian Gulf countries to 94,600, and from CIS countries to 234,900.

Additionally, 69 percent of people arrived in the country by rail and road, 28.7 percent by air and 2.3 percent by sea transports.

Moreover, the number of Azerbaijani citizens going abroad amounted to 1,073,400 people during the period of January- September 2020. Thus, 30.9 percent of citizens visited Iran, 27.7 percent - Georgia, 19.5 percent - Russian Federation, 13.2 percent - Turkey and 8.7 percent - other countries. In addition, 69.9 percent of those travelling were men and 30.1 percent women.

In January-July 2020, 76.7 percent of Azerbaijani citizens who visited foreign countries travelled by railways and cars, 20.8 percent by the air and 2.5 percent by sea means of transport.


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