Defense Consultant: Any activities conducted in Nagorno Karabakh by Armenia - illegal

27 September 2020 14:12 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Any activities conducted on the territory of the Nagorno Karabakh of Azerbaijan by Armenia are considered illegal from the point of international law, Defense Consultant Peter Dunai told Trend.

“Armenia has occupied one-fifth of Azerbaijan illegally, although at least three UN Security Council decision in favor of Azerbaijan were made, telling Armenia to immediately withdraw its forces from illegally occupied Azerbaijani territory, that is Nagorno Karabakh and some other Azerbaijani territories in the south-western part of the country. So any activities conducted on the territory of the Nagorno Karabakh entity by the regional Armenian administration are considered illegal from the point of international law,” Dunai said.

He noted that all the more, if these activities would involve the increased risks of terrorism.

"According to Azerbaijani president, who spoke at the 75 Session of the UN General Assembly, Armenia recruits and uses mercenaries, terrorists from different countries to attack Azerbaijan. Members of ASALA terrorist organization were seen on the territory of Nagorno Karabakh - as Azerbaijani sources said. ASALA - whose regional leader Varuzhan Karapetian died last year in Yerevan after being pardoned and released by French authorities for bombing the Orly Airport in Paris and killing 8 people - was definitely involved in terrorist activities," Dunai said.

"Seemingly Karapetian himself was involved in criminal activities after returning to Armenia from a French prison, "supervising" with his armed men the Yerevan-Diliyan popular tourist bus connection and allegedly taking "protection" money. Diliyan is in Tavush province which is on the eastern border area of Armenia. On the Azerbaijani side you find Tovuz, the region where Armenian troops attacked Azerbaijani forces, giving base to speculations that Karapetian people had contacts with the Tavush supposedly criminal-terrorist structures,” he said.

Dunai thus emphasized that the settlement of Armenians of Lebanese origin in Karabakh is definitely illegal.

"I'll refer to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, Article 49(6) which generally prohibits what is colloquially known as settlements in occupied territory. International law experts think that settling people in occupied territories falls under the same Convention,” he said.


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