Communication Ministry provides laptops to orphanage in Baku [PHOTO]

21 September 2020 16:48 (UTC+04:00)

By Ayya Lmahamad

As many education institutions in the country have switched to online format due to COVID-19, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technology is providing equipment to orphanages to ensure that children receive online education.

The ministry recently provided laptops to orphanage No.1 in Baku. Moreover, internet-providing company Baktelecom LLC started the corresponding work to provide the orphanage with high-speed internet.

Earlier, the ministry presented the children from orphanage No.1 with computers. The ministry jointly with members of the public association on support of families of martyrs “Zafar” presented tablets and school accessories to pupils who couldn’t access distance classes due to absence of the computers and internet in the place of residence. Additionally, Aztelecom LLC laid a telephone communication line in the homes of students.

Kindergartens, schools and universities across the country were shut down since March 3 as part of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

New academic year started in Azerbaijan on September 15, with Cabinet of Ministers approving temporary rules for the work of educational institutions.

Thus, primary school pupils attending 1-4 classes started school from September 15 with classes being held 2-3 days per week.

Pupils of the fifth to ninth grades will start school from October 1 while attending online classes from September 1 till October 1.

As for the senior classes, they will go to school from October 15 and till that time study remotely.

The classes for all pupils might be resumed in full as of November 2 if the epidemiological situation shows positive dynamics.

Additionally, it is planned to start preschool groups again with classes held 2 times a week from October 1.

As to higher educational institutions, university students will continue studying on online basis. However, 1st year students of Bachelor programs will go to the universities for orientation as of October 1. In addition, the education process will start at the full-time base for some specialties such as medicine, engineering and so on, as of October 15.


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