Azerbaijan continues implementing water supply projects [PHOTO]

24 August 2020 15:58 (UTC+04:00)

By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan continues construction works on the improvement of water supply in the country.

Fifty percent of work on construction of the reservoir and the main pipeline has been completed in Neftchala city that has been experiencing water supply problems.

The construction is part of the project on improvement of water supply to Neftchala and nearby settlements in line with the presidential order of December 11, 2019 “On measures for reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems in Neftchala.

It was decided, first of all, to provide the city with water from a reliable source such as the Shirvan-Mugan group water pipeline. In order to supply water to the city of Neftchala in a self- flow regime, construction of a reservoir with a capacity of 7,500 cubic meters in the area of Salyan city began at a relatively high altitude.

Meanwhile, a 44 kilometers long main water pipeline with 560 mm diameter pipes from the warehouse to Neftchala is being constructed.

Currently, more than 40 percent of the works on construction of the reservoir have been completed and work has been completed on the 22-kilometer section of supply pipeline. Thus, 50 percent of works on construction of the reservoir and the supply pipeline have been completed.

Moreover, the construction is expected to be completed in November current year. In addition, water supply will be provided once the new main water pipeline is connected to the existing network in Neftchala.

It should be noted that within the framework of the project on reconstruction of drinking water supply and sewerage systems in Neftchala, 118 kilometers of drinking water and 116 kilometers of sewerage networks will be created in Neftchala, as well as in the settlements of the Bank and Kurkand, adjacent to the city center. An 8.6 kilometers long sewerage collector and a 4,000 cubic meters per day wastewater treatment plant will be built to manage and treat wastewater.

Moreover, the second phase of the reconstruction project of Gazanarhi canal is implemented for improvement of water supply or arable lands in Agsu region.

It should be noted that the reconstruction of the existing canals will provide irrigation water to the land with total area of 7,000 hectares.

Work is currently underway in the Agsu river, 2.6 kilometers north off the city.  Water will flow from the facility with the capacity of 5 cubic meters per second through a 10.9 km long concrete channel and 645 meters of precast steel pipes.

Additionally, construction of 11 locks, water intakes, silt canals, 4 directional dams, leveling and water intake facilities, as well as a construction of a roadblock in this area was completed. Overall, work on the main pumping station is completed on 90 percent.

It should be noted that in the government session on July 23, President Ilham Aliyev urged the government to take measures to eliminate the water shortage problem in the country. Furthermore, on July 28, Ilham Aliyev signed the Order on additional measures to ensure the efficient use of water resources in the country.

Azerbaijan’s water reserves are estimated at 30.9 billion cubic meters, out of which 33 percent are local inland waters and 66 percent are transboundary rivers.


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