Yerevan seeks to divert attention from domestic problems by means of provocations

12 July 2020 21:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Aisha Jabbarova

Presidential Aide, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev has said that Armenia seeks to escalate situation on the front line in a bid to distract attention from the domestic problems, local media reported on July 12.

Hajiyev made the remarks while commenting on the Armenian attack on Azerbaijani units in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz region on July 12 that killed four Azerbaijani servicemen and injured others.

“The attack by Armenia, with the use of artillery, against the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan, along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, constitutes aggression, an act of the use of force, and another provocation.

Hajiyev said that the State Border Service’s troops have been deployed along the extensive part of the state border in Gazakh and Tovuz districts from Azerbaijan’s side, to prevent provocations and reduce cases that can lead to tensions on the border. Armenia, on the contrary, has continued to militarize the border between two countries, while deliberately and systematically targeting the civilians, the official added.

“Such military recklessness on the part of Armenia pursues an objective of drawing the military-political organizations to which it is a party to into the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, and evade the responsibility of occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan,” Hajiyev said.

He mentioned that Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories as well as provocations perpetrated along the border contravene the legal documents of the military-political organizations to which Armenia is a member.

“In the meantime, by doing so, Armenia's leadership aims to escalate the situation, against the backdrop of socio-economic problems deteriorated further by the widespread of COVID-19 in Armenia, caused by its incompetent performance, and distract attention from the domestic problems in the country.

The presidential aide stressed that the provocation by Armenia, perpetrated along the border, is yet another evidence that the official Yerevan is disinterested in the negotiated settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

“Armenia launched this offensive and a provocation during the time when the international community is fighting the COVID-19. That and continued violations of the ceasefire by Armenia proves that Armenia’s support of the initiative by the UN Secretary-General on a global ceasefire due to COVID-19 is nothing but hypocrisy.

Furthermore, Hajiyev urged the international community to condemn strongly Armenia’s policy of occupation against Azerbaijan and its provocative actions perpetrated along the border. Armenia's leadership bears full and sole responsibility for the current situation.

The official stressed that Azerbaijan’s armed forces remain in control of the operational situation. The Armenian side has failed to make any territorial gains.


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