Aziza Mustafa Zadeh releases new album [PHOTO]

2 July 2020 11:20 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

After 12 years, Azerbaijani jazz singer and pianist  Aziza Mustafa Zadeh has released a new album.

The jazz singer found a very unique approach for her next album, combining the musical genius of her father, Vagif Mustafa Zadeh, with some tunes of her little son and with her own songs and recording it all in one CD "Generations".

The new album features 12 music pieces, including "Mimi", "Lullaby", "Sieben Kreisel", "Netter Junge", "Despite All", Prelude,  Condert No. 2 and others.

You can order a copy of this CD in Aziza’s Webshop.

World-famous Azerbaijani jazz singer Aziza Mustafa Zadeh has undoubtedly found a way to the hearts of music lovers around the world.

After spectacular concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall, she was named "The Queen of Jazz".

In her music, the jazz singer brilliantly unites classical and jazz music with Azerbaijani folk motifs. 

She successfully performs at the best world stages. Aziza is a frequent guest of international music festivals. She has performed with such world-class musicians as John Patitucci, Dave Wakele, Bill Evans, Omar Hakim, Toots Tillemans and others.

The names of Aziza Mustafa Zadeh and her father are included in the World Jazz Encyclopedia edited by US authors, as well as in the literary revision of Vladimir Feertag in the Russian edition.

Aziza's parents first noticed their daughter's sensitivity to music when she was eight months old.

Aziza recalls the story that her mother told her: "Once, my father was improvising at the piano playing Shur mugham, which creates a mood that evokes very deep, sad emotions. As my father was playing, I started crying. Everyone wondered what was happening to me..." said jazz singer.

Her mother Elza Mustafa Zadeh asked her father to play then "Rast" mugham. At that moment, future jazz diva started dancing. And then her mother realized a unique connection between Aziza's feelings and music.

At the age of three, she made her stage debut with her father, improvising vocals. She began studying classical piano at an early age, showing special interest in the works of such composers as Johann Sebastian Bach and Frédéric Chopin.

In 1991, Aziza released her debut album, "Aziza Mustafa Zadeh". The music album showed influence of Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, as well as Near Eastern music.

Her second album, "Always", won the Phono Academy Prize, a prestigious German music award, and the Echo Prize from Sony.

She has since performed in many countries and released several more albums.


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