Pianist who lets music flow within [INTERVIEW]

29 June 2020 10:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Music never ceases to amaze humans. It is an incredibly way to get lost into enchanted world of melodies where everything is possible. 

For young pianist, music has been always a huge passion. Eldeniz Alekberzade started his musical journey at a very young age. Since then, music has never left his life.

"I don’t even remember exactly when I started playing music. İ just knew that it could not be otherwise. Music has always touched the depths of my soul. And up until now, I have not lived a single moment without it.  Even if there is no music, I always feel how it flows within me… like an eternal stream. I would like to say I do not think about playing music as a profession.  Music is everything. By the way, my music classes started at the age of six, when I was still in kindergarten. Why piano? Well, I cannot answer this question. For me, the choice of musical instrument does not matter at all. Music is much more important than this. I agree that it is more pleasant to play a brilliant music instruments. After all, grand pianos can sound magnificent or, by contrast, voiceless and soulless,” the pianist told Azernews. 

Speaking about his most memorable performance, Eldeniz Alekberzade mention international music competition held in Izmir, Turkey as well as his solo concert at Baku Music Academy.

"As for the most memorable performance, I can mention a gala concert of the international music contest held in Izmir, where I won the Grand Prix. That night I played Frederic Chopin's Étude Op. 10, No. 1 in C major.  Pianists are especially aware of how difficult it is to play. In the reprise of this etude, almost at the end, there is a transition, a certain frontier, which can lead to a repetition of the main part of the etude, in other words almost to the beginning of it. I remember it was very late (11 pm). I was very tired that day. As a result, I returned to the beginning of the etude three times. It cost me a lot to cross this line and gracefully end my performance. It was a quite hilarious and curious case. But much more spectacular performance was my solo concert at the Great Hall of Baku Music Academy, where I played Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 28. Perhaps it was the first time when I truly felt the freedom of my body and soul," said Alekberzade. 

The musician's recent performance took place at the State Philharmonic Hall on February 27. Despite the fact that there were not so much people attended that concert, the pianist pulled himself together and performed with virtuosity.

"Nowadays there are very few people who are passionate about something, especially classical music. I think that it is a huge loss. I can remember only two of my concerts that were sold out. One of them took place at Baku Music Academy and the other at the International Mugham Center, where, frankly speaking, I did not play very well. In fact, people should follow the musicians, in particular because we are few here.  Each musician has ups and downs. The audience, who listens a talented musician, should be ready for such case when his performance would not be so spectacular as they expect it to be. Great interest! That's what today is all about. People attend the concert not much for relaxing but to enjoy something special and important. But there is also one major rule:  musician must be talented and alluring at the same time. Such a genius as Vladimir Sofronitsky used to play very unsuccessfully, as his contemporaries said. However, people continued to enjoy his concerts even if when he suddenly cancelled them," he said.

For Eldeniz Alekperzade, everything is important about music. There are no small or unnecessary details.

As for inspiration, the young pianist never seeks it anywhere. Hard work and self-development are the key priorities for him.

"I just work a lot on myself, not just playing piano. I read books of all genres from professional literature: musical, psychological, philological, etc., to highly artistic anecdotes and stories. In fact, I am interested in everything. Sometimes it scares me,  as I often get confused trying to make choice. In my opinion, it is absolutely unacceptable for musician if all his activities are limited by his so-called profession. I completely disagree with this point of view. Unfortunately, I have witnessed some musicians know little even about musical instruments they are playing, harmony and music in general. This fact is extremely outrageous. I truly believe that we are born to explore everything around us. For instance, if you want to soak up James Joyce's “Ulysses” then your path lies through the comprehension of ancient Greek literature (preferably with an understanding of the ancient Greek language) and excellent English language skills, not to mention a complete understanding of the literary form. Returning to inspiration, I believe that it should not be limited on one source. So, don’t wait for inspiration, work on it," said Alekperzade.

In conclusion, Eldeniz Alekperzade gave a small glimpse into his future plans.

"There are not so many plants for near future. Everything depends on circumstances. The most important thing right now is the removal of quarantine regime and a total victory over the virus. In the end, happiness and health are the main priorities now and then all plans will come true," he said.



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