President Aliyev: Not a single Azerbaijani left in Armenia

4 June 2020 18:44 (UTC+04:00)

By Akbar Mammadov

President Ilham Aliyev has said that not a single Azerbaijani has been left in present day Armenia’s territory where Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage has been erased and historical monuments have been destroyed.

President Ilham Aliyev made the remarks during his visit to Tartar region bordering Armenia on June 3. 

“Not a single Azerbaijani is left in the ancient lands of Azerbaijan and our historical monuments and mosques have been destroyed, the historical heritage of Azerbaijanis has been erased”, Aliyev said, adding that representatives of other nationalities have also been expelled from Armenia.

Aliyev said that by comparison, Azerbaijan is known for its tolerance to other ethnic and religious minorities.

“The whole world recognizes that the inter-ethnic relations and inter-religious dialogue prevailing in Azerbaijan are an example for the world. In Armenia, 99.9 per cent of the population is Armenian. This criminal regime has expelled people of all nationalities in various ways. Now the junta regime reigns in Nagorno-Karabakh as well. Of course, the fake elections held by the junta are a show, a show of clowns. All leading countries condemned and did not recognize these so-called "elections".

The president also emphasized that the territory of present-day Armenia is the land of ancient Azerbaijan.

“This is a fact, a historical fact. You don't have to go far. It is enough to look at the maps published by Tsarist Russia in the early twentieth century. Everyone can see that the absolute majority of toponyms in the whole territory of present-day Armenia are of Azerbaijani origin”.

Commenting on the Armenian authorities, Aliyev emphasized that the previous regime’s illegal acts have been revealed by the current leadership of Armenia and presented to the public. “Their generals are thieves, their so-called "heroes" are criminals, and their leaders are bribe-takers”, he added .

He also underlined the fact that members of the former regime have been arrested and are wanted.

Aliyev said that this means that for 20 years until 2018, Armenia was ruled by criminals.

“One of them is now in prison, and the other is still at large. However, he was also banned from leaving the country. In other words, a country's independence has not reached 30 years, and 20 years of the country have been left to criminals”, he added.

President Aliyev said that it is no secret that Armenia is a terrorist state, and this state has repeatedly shown this and even committed terrorism against its leaders. Furthermore, he reminded that twenty years ago, many members of the Armenian leadership were assassinated in the country's parliament, and the crime has not been solved yet. “Everyone knows who ordered this crime. But they cover it up because their terrorist nature lives on today”, he added.

Aliyev also spoke about the glorification of Nazism in Armenia, saying that a 6-feet-monument has been erected in this country to a Nazi collaborator Garegin Nzhdeh who said infamously during the World War 2 that “who dies for Germany also dies for Armenia”.

“It shows that the government in Armenia can change, but the terrorist and fascist nature of this country remains unchanged," Aliyev added.

Speaking about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Aliyev said that  today the position of international organizations on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict reflects the truth and justice.

“As a result of our efforts, all leading international organizations have issued relevant statements on the settlement of the conflict within the territorial integrity of our country. The Declaration on Strategic Partnership, which we have signed with many countries in a bilateral format, supports the territorial integrity of our country and states that the conflict must be resolved on the basis of these principles”, he noted.

Commenting on the illegal elections held in the Nagorno-Karabakh on March 31, Aliyev reminded that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs-U.S, France, Russia have made a statement saying that they do not recognize the “elections”. Furthermore, he also noted that the European Parliament, as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Non-Aligned Movement, and other organizations - all leading international organizations - have condemned these elections, with the exception of the Council of Europe.

“The main goals of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is to tarnish Azerbaijan, to discredit our country, to spread lies about our country, to make false reports, to support the "fifth column" in Azerbaijan, traitors and the Armenian side in the conflict. That is why the Council of Europe did not even vote on these fraudulent elections. In this case, what objectivity, what justice can we talk about!”

Touching upon the documents adopted by the European Council related to Azerbaijan, President Aliyev noted that the Azerbaijani public has witnessed Council of Europe's anti-Azerbaijani stance.

“The hypocritical nature of this organization is not a secret to anyone, and we do not care whether they recognized these fraudulent elections or not. The main thing is that the world's most respected organizations have not recognized and condemned the so-called “elections” in Nagorno-Karabakh”, Aliyev noted.

The president emphasized that the position of international organizations and many countries strengthen Azerbaijan’s position.

Aliyev said that Azerbaijan has economic and military superiority over Armenia and reminded that Azerbaijan has liberated a part of Aghdara, Fizuli and Jabrayil districts.

Furthermore, the president reminded Armenia’s bombing of Azerbaijani civilians in 2018, including those in Tartar. “They bombed the city of Tartar, the villages of Tartar and Aghdam. What is this, not fascism?”, he said.

Aliyev stressed that there can be no war against the civilian population, adding that: “They were not strong enough for our army, they left their positions and fled, and what did they do? They used force against the civilian population”.

Reminding that Armenia has cut off water to Tartar, Aliyev described this “environmental terrorism”.

Moreover, President Aliyev reminded the Nakhchivan operation held in 2018.

“There, thousands of hectares of land also came under our control. We liberated the occupied territories. The Azerbaijani army has shown its strength. The source of our strength is the Azerbaijani people”, he added.

Aliyev noted that the source of the Armenian army is foreign donations, withouth which the country has no future.

“They have territorial claims against almost all neighbours - Azerbaijan and Turkey, openly and secretly to another neighbouring country," Aliyev said.


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