Expert: Armenian PM's grandfather's links to Nazis explains reasons for fascism's glorification in Armenia

12 May 2020 16:22 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

The information that the grandfather of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan collaborated with the Nazis during WWII fits into the general model of behavior and decision-making by the new leadership of Armenia, Russian expert and TV presenter Yevgeny Mikhailov told Trend on May 12.

Information on collaboration of Nikol Pashinyan's grandfather with the fascists has previously appeared on Armenian media outlets.

“If this information is reliable, this explains a lot. First of all, this explains Pashinyan’s reluctance to heed the calls of the world community and, above all, Russia about the inadmissibility of the glorification of fascist servants and the ideology of national superiority. This information also fits into the general model of behavior and decision-making by the new leadership of Armenia, which intentionally decided not to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism,” said Mikhailov.

“This sensation caused a shock also for the head of Armenia, who previously said that his grandfather was a “war hero”. In the current interpretation of the history, which is often presented to us by propaganda, the grandfather of the Armenian prime minister may be a hero for himself, but then it turns out that he is from the ranks of Roman Shukhevych, Stepan Bandera, Garegin Nzhdeh, Dro and so on,” Mikhailov stressed.

“I think that Nikol Pashinyan himself did not expect such a stir around the name of his grandfather, but why didn't the special services in Armenia check this information and inform Pashinyan before? Maybe it is the special services themselves who went for this provocation to overthrow Pashinyan, since he did not fulfill his promises to the people and damaged the local security forces as well," he said.

"And it can be assumed that there are forces in Yerevan that want peace with Azerbaijan, some of which are under the control of special services. Otherwise, I cannot assess such a hype around the biography of a relative of the Armenian prime minister”, the Russian expert said.


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