Nation commemorates WW2 heroes on 75th anniversary of Great Victory

9 May 2020 15:53 (UTC+04:00)

Today, Azerbaijan celebrates the victory in the World War II and honors the memory of 600,000 Azerbaijanis who fought fascism.

Anyone wondering how the Soviet troops won a victory must take a look at the lives of the incredible and courageous people who sacrificed their lives for the common good.

One of such heroes was Qedemshah Sadygov who was able to save the lives of thousands of people.

Sadygov enlisted to the military service during the hard years of the war. He was appointed to the 974th regiment of the 261st division. He would replace the doctor of the regiment killed during fights for Ukraine. Young doctor Sadygov performed first aid to the wounded. The 974th regiment suffered heavy losses during one of the attacks, with seven tanks and the entire being destroyed. After a while, all of commanders were killed. Qedemshah took over the leadership of the division and started the fight with what was left of the soldiers and sergeants. Qedemshah led the soldiers in to the fight, forcing the German troops retreat for 8 km. Qedemshah was severely wounded but continued the fight regardless. For that, he received ‘Gizil Bayrag’ (Golden Flag) award. He was awarded with ‘Gizil Ulduz’ (Golden Star) for saving lives of 32 wounded in the battle for Belgorod to Kursk. Afterwards, the young doctor participated in the battles for Kharkiv, bank of Don and Volga rivers, Smolensk, Belorussia, Germany and the Far East. In all circumstances, he was able to save lives of thousands without losing control over the situation.

“Our brave heroes show incredible courage in the battles. One of them is military doctor Qedemshah Sadygov,” the ‘Communist’ newspaper wrote in its “Doctor with three awards’ article in November 6,1943 edition.

The 24-year-old medical service major Sadygov returned to his homeland Azerbaijan after the long-awaited victory. He received five medals and ten awards.

Now that the war was over, Sadygov concentrated on the academic work. After graduating from the Azerbaijan State University he started teaching at the same university. At the same time, he was a head teacher and director of education department at the Azerbaijan State Institute for the Improvement of Physicians.

Sadygov’s scientific activities were multi-faceted. He obtained a doctoral degree in philosophy and medicine and authored the books ‘Logics’ and ‘Ethics’ that are being used by the students of higher and secondary schools to this date. His works for obtaining Phd degree in philosophy ‘The elements of theory of logics in Azerbaijan’ and in medicine ‘The vision of Abu Ibn Sina to medicine’ were published posthumously.

He passed away at 45 years old in a very fruitful period of his life. By the time of his death, he had written 48 scientific works, numerous articles on philosophy, medicine and warfare. Among them, his 220 paged and 360 paged works on warfare are kept in the top secret archive. ‘Mirze Feteli’, ‘Aida’, ‘Birleshmish yeni kolkhoz’ (New joint kolkhoz), ‘Demirchi Gave’ (Blacksmith Gave), Akhtarish ve ekskeshfiyyat’ (The research and counterintelligence) plays, ‘Akhtaran tapar’ (The one who searches will find) comedy, ‘Shahin’, Anacan, ag sachin’ (Mom, your grey hair), and ‘Fuzuli’ narrative poetries and ‘Rahib ve Rena’ (Rahib and Rena) novel have been mentioned in ‘Akhtarishlarla kechen omur’ (Life passed in researches) article in ‘Teshviqatchi’ (The propagandist) journal in 1968.