MP: Massive donations to Azerbaijan’s Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus shows national solidarity

30 March 2020 11:39 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

The donations worth more than 93 million manat ($53.7 million) which have been made to Azerbaijan’s Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus in a short time show the public support of authorities' policy to combat coronavirus, MP Vugar Bayramov told Trend.

According to the MP, these donations show that citizens, along with entrepreneurs, are actively involved in combating the disease.

“The Azerbaijani government is flexible in responsive measures in the fight against coronavirus. Azerbaijan is one of the first countries in the region that created a special fund to combat this infection. The creation of this fund opens up wide opportunities for accumulating both public funds and extrabudgetary sources,” Bayramov said.

“The state is implementing effective measures to minimize damage to the country's economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic, since the protection of entrepreneurs is one of the priority areas of the state policy. The creation of four working groups in this field and the identification of 12 areas that have been most affected by the coronavirus reflect development of a mechanism for direct state support to entrepreneurs,” said MP.

“The creation and activities of the fund are aimed at limiting the global impact of coronavirus on the country. The accumulation of the funds will create conditions for a more effective fight against this virus. The fund’s activities highlight the package of measures taken by the Azerbaijani government against coronavirus spread,” Bayramov emphasized.

“The mechanism of direct state support to entrepreneurs will be presented to the public. The support of entrepreneurs and citizens in the fund shows that the country has achieved national solidarity in the fight against this infection. As the head of state noted, together we are strong in combating coronavirus," the MP concluded.


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