President Ilham Aliyev: Activities of parliament related to social sphere should be very active [PHOTO]

14 March 2020 22:41 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

In general, the activities of parliament related to the social sphere should be very active, of course, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev addressing the first session of the Azerbaijani Parliament’s sixth convocation on March 10, Trend reports.

“This area is, as always, a priority for us. As I already noted, important steps were taken last year and they will be continued this year. In particular, additional funds are envisaged to support low-income families. The number of families covered by targeted social assistance is increasing. On my instructions, amendments are being introduced to the methodology because the previous one did not reflect reality. The amount provided to each family is also increasing. This year 7,000 apartments will be provided to internally displaced persons, which is a record high. Martyr families will be provided with 1,500 apartments, which is also a record figure. Last year, 934 apartments were provided,” said the head of state.

“The role of our parliament in the development of interreligious and intercultural dialogue can also become very effective,” he said.

“Our MPs should actively participate in international events and the numerous events held in Azerbaijan. We respect our religion. It is sacred for us. At the same time, we must respect other religions. The ideas voiced at the 2nd Summit of World Religious Leaders at the end of last year show that there is probably no other country in the world today that would address this issue and achieve serious results as much as Azerbaijan. The Muslim world supports us, while the Organization of Islamic Cooperation refers to us as an example due to our attitude to the Muslim religion. The inter-religious processes taking place in Azerbaijan are praised by both Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Cyril and Pope Francis. I have already met him three times – once in Baku and twice in the Vatican. He also appreciates the work carried out in Azerbaijan in this area. So it is not me saying this. These are the words of the leaders of the world’s traditional religions. Of course, we will take steps in this direction,” said President Ilham Aliyev.


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