Bath Complex to enjoy in Baku

17 December 2019 17:22 (UTC+04:00)

A visit to the bathhouse eliminates diseases, gives a person a charge of vivacity and good mood. The perfect bathhouse provides elite level treatments for those who want to look, feel and perform their very best and this is the vast majority.

Taking into account the importance of the tourism sector in the development of our country and wishing to contribute to its progress, we implemented a new project of modern baths and spa complexes.

The Bath Complex is located next to the Home Bridge hotel. The main objective of this project is to provide a high level of service for residents and non-residents of our country, as well as tourists in a healthy environment.

This Hamam Complex, which differs in the level of service and interior design, attracts both locals and tourists at any time of the year. It combines the vibrant, social elements of bathhouses from around the world alongside an array of treatments for visitors. The complex features both Finnish and Roman saunas, a steam room, thermal pool, heated marble hammam, a snow room, and a state-of-the-art relaxation zone with Himalayan salt wall panels, which have a positive effect on health.

VIP cottages on the territory of the bath complex deserve special mention: here you can plunge into bathing culture of the Slavic countries, starting with a feast in a traditional style and ending with appropriate decorative elements. Moreover, VIP guests can enjoy their privacy while accessing all the available services of Hamam and plus some special services which are available only to them. VIP areas are suitable for up to 7 people groups.

This complex is suitable both for summer and winter seasons. The warm atmosphere, stunning view for relaxation room and several spa services makes this place enjoyable for winter season. While Hamam complexes are not the favorite destination of guests during the summer, Hamambath is capable of providing quality service and atmosphere for summer season as well. The beautiful lake which is surrounded by trees will make guests feel attached to the nature while swimming in it. Next to the lake, there are several loungers where guests can take a sunbath after swimming and try delicious foods and snacks of Azerbaijan's unique cuisine.

This unique Hamam and SPA complex can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time. The location is quiet and peaceful which will help our visitors to relax from the busyness and noise of the Baku city.

We firmly believe that the project revives the culture of the national bath, design and hospitality patterns in one place.