Azerbaijani carpets exhibited in U.S.

5 December 2019 17:13 (UTC+04:00)


By Rasana Gasimova

An exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets, jointly organized by the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, Azarkhalcha OJSC and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States, opened in Washington, DC on December 3.

The event was held in line with the protocol of intent signed by Azarkhalcha OJSC and U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce in November 2019. The document envisages promoting Azerbaijan's carpet weaving traditions and its history in the United States.

The event was attended by Azerbaijanis living in the US, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Robert Sekuta and U.S. distinguished public figures.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce Natig Bakhishov provided information about the exhibition.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov emphasized the importance of the Azerbaijani carpets exhibition in Washington in terms of promoting Azerbaijani culture and art, noting that the exhibited carpets were mainly woven by IDPs from Armenian-occupied Azerbaijani territories.

Deputy Board Chairman of Azarkhalcha OJSC Orkhan Rzayev spoke about the history of carpet weaving and noted that this historical tradition has been restored by the state.

He noted that thanks to the importance attached by President Ilham Aliyev to this sphere, Azerbaijani carpet weaving is at its peak of development. Не added that established in 2016, Azarkhalcha OJSC has 21 branches and more than 13,000 square meters of carpets have been woven in these branches so far.

Rzayev said that the Azerbaijani government attaches great importance to the establishment of carpet factories in Karabakh, the historic center of carpet weaving. This is a very important issue both in terms of providing employment for internally displaced persons and for preserving of Karabakh carpets.

He noted that there are four carpet manufacturing workshops in Fuzuli, Aghdam, Tartar and Jabrayil branches of the company. Since the Jabrayil region is under occupation, the Jabrayil branch of the Azarkhalcha OJSC was established in the area of Bilasuvar region, where the residents of Jabrayil temporarily reside.

It was noted that Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s historical land. Carpets woven there and patterns embedded in these carpets also show that Karabakh is one of Azerbaijan’s ancient cultural centers. Among the many arts in Karabakh, carpet weaving was the leading one. The Azerbaijani government preserves historic Karabakh carpets.

The joint events organized by Azerkhalcha and the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce will continue throughout the week.

Note that according to the protocol of intent, Azerkhalcha will supply handmade carpets and carpet products for the Chamber of Commerce, which in turn will showcase carpets at events in its Washington residence and other locations. Chamber of Commerce will also deliver the information provided by Azerkhalcha to businesses and individuals involved in the area.

The term of the protocol is one year. At the initial stage, Azerkhalcha has sent 55 carpets to the United States. An exhibition of these carpets, as well as various other events will be held in New York and Washington.


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