‘Changes in Azerbaijani parliament’s composition following elections depend on voters’

29 November 2019 17:50 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Azerbaijan’s Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Siyavush Novruzov has disclosed details of the appeal in connection with the dissolution of the parliament and commented on the statements made by the opposition, Trend reports Nov. 29.

Novruzov noted that the initiative of the YAP to dissolve the parliament is fully consistent with the Constitution.

“The opposition has problems with memory and therefore it doesn’t know what it is saying,” the MP said. “The last paragraph of the document adopted following the discussions held at the headquarters of the Musavat party, was connected namely with the extraordinary parliamentary elections. That is, the opposition thought that if it states about this, the government will move away from this issue and the elections won’t be held exactly because of their statement, although their statement doesn’t concern us in any way.”

Novruzov added that the extraordinary parliamentary elections don’t concern the East, the West or any European structure.

“Azerbaijan pursues an independent policy and doesn’t join any bloc,” the MP noted. “From this point of view, Azerbaijan is building its policy according to the requirements of the people. It has become a custom in the world that the opposition takes extraordinary elections very seriously. The political party has to prepare and take part in the elections. If they aren’t ready for the elections, then what have been they busy with? We have repeatedly become eyewitnesses to the fact that they cannot find a candidate during the presidential election. Suddenly, someone, for example, a Russian citizen Rustam Ibrahimbayov or Jamil Hasanli, appears when the registration of candidates is nearly finished. Therefore, time is the most important factor in the elections.”

Novruzov said that YAP conducts a statistical analysis of the five-year activity of its MPs.

“Everything is analyzed - their speeches in parliament, meetings with voters, work with the press, activities in social networks and more,” the Azerbaijani MP noted. “According to the above mentioned criteria, a monthly report is drawn up and discussed in the party. During the next elections, their activities for the period of analysis will be taken into account.”

Novruzov also commented on the list of MPs published in the press and social networks, which will be represented in the next parliament’s composition. The MP noted that this list was taken from thin air.

“Such lists are published before each election,” Novruzov added. “The change of the parliament’s composition depends only on the voters.”


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