Israeli political analyst: Fascist henchmen became heroes of today's Armenia

12 October 2019 13:30 (UTC+04:00)

By  Trend

Fascist henchmen became the heroes of today's Armenia, well-known Israeli expert Yuri Bocharov told Trend on Oct. 11.

Bocharov was commenting on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statements in Ashgabat regarding Garegin Nzhdeh, who is considered the founder of a theory that promotes hatred on ethnic and ethnic grounds in Armenia.

"I think Armenia is at an impasse,” the expert said. “The West does not need Armenia and Armenia cannot join the East. By making these statements Armenia breaks its ties with Russia, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries.”

“On the other hand, we understand that Pashinyan is a temporary figure,” Bocharov said. “He appeared by chance amid one of the internal revolutions. He has no tomorrow. He is not responsible for his actions, his words. He is not responsible for Armenia. He is not the leader of Armenia. Fascist henchmen, who were allegedly fighting for the freedom of Armenia, became Armenia’s heroes."

The expert stressed that this also applies to other issues, in particular, the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“A man who is not the leader of the country, every time is looking for a reason why he cannot make a final decision for peace to be established in the region,” Bocharov said. “That’s his problem. He is a temporary figure and he has to try very hard to please first of all the nationalists who support him. This is the Armenian policy. Armenia’s main problem is that it does not know in which direction to move, with whom to move and how it can win. Pashinyan is trying to be everywhere, whoever calls, he runs there.”

Further, the expert stressed that revising the outcomes of the Great Patriotic War has recently become a big problem in the world.

"The fact is that the pro-Western policy of the country's leadership has become an indicator of attitude towards the outcome of the Great Patriotic War in many countries, in particular in Eastern Europe, in some CIS countries,” Bocharov said.

“There are mainly confrontations with Russia,” the expert said. “What happens? Yesterday’s enemies became liberators and former heroes become invaders in many countries. Unfortunately, all this raises concerns, because there was a fact, there was a war, there was a war of liberation, millions died for countries that heroize fascism today to be free and independent.”

“Today, these governments change the policy of their country and change their attitude to the outcome of the Great Patriotic War for the sake of a pro-Western ideology and to curry favor with the West,” Bocharov said. “That is why today the fascist henchmen become heroes and liberators, while true liberators become invaders. There is nothing new.”

Garegin Nzhdeh is considered the founder of the theory propagating hatred on ethnic and ethnic grounds in Armenia.

More than 10,000 Azerbaijanis were killed by detachments led by Nzhdeh, 115 Azerbaijani villages were destroyed in Zangezur district in 1918-1920. At the same time, he is one of the authors of “Great Armenia” idea.

The goal is to create “Great Armenia”, first of all, through the lands of Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries. After the end of World War II, the military tribunal of the former USSR condemned Nzhdeh as a war criminal.


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