Armenian war veteran calls for Pashinyan’s resignation

9 October 2019 16:13 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

Former official in Azerbaijan’s separatist Nagorno-Karabakh breakaway region has called for Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation.

Vitaly Balasanyan, former “security council secretary” of the illegal regime in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, has said that Pashinyan poses a threat to the Armenian nation for his alleged anti-Russian stance and his failed domestic policies.

“Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is a great anti-Armenian project,” Balasanyan said.

He slammed Pashinyan for his affiliation with Sasna Tsrer group that was responsible for storming the building of the regiment of the patrol service in Yerevan back in 2016, killing two police officers and taking nine hostages. The group had demanded former President Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation and the release of the group’s leader Jirair Sefilian, one of key figures in the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Shusha town.  

After Sargsyan’s resignation, Sasna Tsrer formed into a political party Sasna Tsrer Pan-Armenian party.

Balasanyan called the seizure of the patrol station "a terrorist act" and slammed Pashinyan for meeting the group members. Sasna Tsrer members, he added, not only had to lay down their arms but were also arrested and severely punished, while today Armenian PM receives their leaders. This is unacceptable.

He believes that Sasna Tsrer group members are not only terrorists but also people who are consistently pursuing anti-Russian policies. Their slogans include the withdrawal of the 102nd Russian base from Armenia, the base that according to Balasanyan's words is guarding Armenia’s border with Turkey.

Balasanyan said that he knows who leads and finances Sasna Tsrer. He also said that Pashinyan is implementing a project that is aimed at eliminating the national identity of Armenian people.  

"Indeed, Pashinyan’s actions makes one think that the main goal of the new government is to create a country where mutual understanding among society disappears. Thus, the Armenian society is doomed to disintegrate," he said.

Balasanyan emphasized that Pashinyan does not decide anything in the country and decisions are made by a certain center, adding that “the LGBT groups operating today, Soros adherents, cult members, the struggle against the Church, etc. are managed from a single center.”

Armenia has never been in such a difficult situation. The authorities and its leading center act very cunningly, he added.

Balasanyan stated that Pashinyan should immediately resign and the parliament should be dissolved. He emphasized that, over time, the people will see what position they are in because of the current unskilled leadership ruling the country.

People must wake up, demand all the deputies to leave their mandates without exception, otherwise, the very existence of the Armenia is endangered, Balasanyan warns.

He stressed that it is unlikely that Pashinyan will leave the power voluntarily despite his assurances that he will not stay in power by force.

Today, there is a conditional government that has repeatedly proved its complete inability to do anything useful.  It is no coincidence that Armenia's authority has fallen sharply in the world; even the citizens themselves have ceased to be interested in their own country, according to his words.

Balasanyan said that there is no law and order in Armenia as "all law enforcement agencies are personally led by Pashinyan on 'The law is me' principle."

By expressing his disdain of the current Armenian leadership, Balasanyan once again confirmed the hypothesis that with the advent of Pashinyan, relations between the Karabakh and Yerevan Armenians are at all-time low.


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