Armenia tries to expand its territory at expense of neighbor state

12 September 2019 10:31 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

For almost three decades, the border issue between Georgia and Armenia has not been fully settled. The Armenian border guards try to benefit from this by moving deep into the Georgian territory. As a result, not only forests and agricultural lands turn out to be on the “Armenian” side, but also Georgian shrines, which, due to the "advancement" of the border, have been actually captured by the Armenians.

Georgian media have recently reported that the Armenian border guards have again advanced 10 hectares inside Georgia. The Georgians are worried that the territory of their country is decreasing as a result of the actions of neighboring Armenia.

Local residents say that the Armenian side has been carrying out such a policy of “Armenization” for more than one year. They note that the Armenian border guards establish their posts on undelimited territory – on rural land where people grazed cattle for centuries.

As a result, the pastures and even the houses of local residents turn out to be on the “Armenian” territory. One of the Georgian citizens told local media that the Armenians stole his eight hectares of land, which he has been cultivating for three years.

Meanwhile, residents of Georgia’s Burma village say that according to maps, these territories belong to Georgia, but today they are under the control of the Armenians. “Almost every day, Armenian border guards arrive here,” one of them said.

Throughout the history, the Armenians have made numerous unfounded territorial claims against neighboring countries and used the dirtiest methods to implement their dreams, presenting themselves to the world community as a “poor”, “oppressed” nation.

Dreaming of the territory of neighboring Azerbaijan, in the 1990s Armenia occupied 20 percent of the country’s land, including Nagorno-Karabakh, whose historical belonging to Azerbaijan is even obvious from the purely Turkic name of this land. As a result, thousands of Azerbaijanis were killed and over a million of people were forced to leave their homes.

Besides Azerbaijan and Georgia, Armenia also has unfounded territorial claims against Turkey. Thus, being unable to improve the state of Armenia’s economy and welfare of the population, the Armenian authorities continue to try to increase the country’s territory at the expense of the lands of the neighboring states.


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