Azerbaijan exports potatoes to 8 countries

5 September 2019 16:10 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Azerbaijan has exported potatoes to eight countries in 2019 so far, a source at the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry told Trend.

Azerbaijan exported potatoes to Belarus (120.3 tons), Georgia (2,821.7 tons), Moldova (199.3 tons), Kazakhstan (59 tons), Russia (55,786.8 tons), Turkmenistan (62 tons), Iraq (23.3 tons) and Ukraine (2,483.2 tons).

Moreover, in 2019, Azerbaijan also imported potatoes from Germany (440 tons), Belarus (391.7 tons), Georgia (2,759.2 tons), the Netherlands (388.9 tons), Pakistan (8,352.7 tons), Russia (43176.6 tons), Turkey (171.7 tons), Ukraine (181.5 tons) and Iran (359,666.6 tons).

According to the ministry, Azerbaijan imported a total of 91.830 million tons of potatoes for $23.976 million in 2019 so far.

Azerbaijan's statistics on exports and imports of potatoes varies depending on the season, the ministry said.

As for the potatoes that are planted in the country, local seeds are mainly used.

"This year, the country's potato production has grown. So, in January-July 2019, 576.3 tons of potatoes were harvested on the territory of 34,000 hectares, which is 60.1 percent of the total area on which potatoes were planted. Potato harvesting continues. In January-July 2019, the harvest of potatoes increased by 7.9 percent compared to the same period last year," the source said.


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