Farmers to receive more subsidies

12 August 2019 15:27 (UTC+04:00)

By Mirsaid Ibrahimzade

Azerbaijani farmers continue to receive large subsidies, they are continuously provided with equipment and other means. Noticeable growth in productivity and production have been observed in the agricultural sector, which has entered new stage of development.

The process of introducing innovative technologies in the agricultural sector is being intensified since currently it is a key factor of intensive development. Starting from next year, subsidies will be issued via the Electronic Agricultural Information System.

Agricultural producers will be provided with subsidies for sowing wheat and rice, as well as with lubricants used in the cultivation of crops. The decision was made at the meeting of the republican commission under the Ministry of Agriculture, chaired by Deputy Minister Ilham Guliyev.

In particular, subsidies worth more than 86 million manats ($50.58 million) will be allocated for fuel and motor oil, cultivation of wheat, rice as well as silk cocoons in 2019.

So, 50 manats ($29.41) will be provided per a hectare of crops for the used fuel and lubricants, additional 40 manats ($23.52) will be allocated for wheat and rice, and five manats ($2.94) - for the producers of silk cocoons per each kilogram supplied to the processing enterprises. These funds will be allocated from the state budget.

The commission issued 62.128 million manats ($36.54 million) from the state budget to 278,419 producers from more than 30 regions (cities) for fuel and motor oil and sowing expenses.

Moreover, 2 100 producers of silk cocoons from nine regions (cities) were allocated subsidies in the amount of 1.088 million manats ($640,000).

The relevant documents were directed to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance, Kapital Bank and state agrarian development centers.

In general, the commission issued subsidies worth 83.24 million manats ($48.96 million) to 383,665 producers from 59 regions (cities) for the cultivation of 1.214 million hectares of sown areas in 2019.

The rules for subsidizing agricultural production were approved upon the presidential decree dated June 27, 2019. According to these rules, subsidies will be issued via the new system from January 2020. This, first of all, will allow increasing productivity, employment, improving food security, as well as the country's export potential in agriculture sector.


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