Armenian soldiers continue to die in non-combat conditions

2 August 2019 17:40 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

The deplorable serving conditions in the Armenian army make many soldiers resort to desertion, while others, often the conscripts suffering from various mental diseases, are being beaten, humiliated, and even killed in non-combat conditions.

The losses of the Armenian army this July occurred both in combat and in non-combat conditions, including as a result of injuries, desertion and road accidents.

On July 1, a 19-year-old Armenian soldier, because of the fear of being killed, did not want to return to the service after the holiday, which ended on June 30. His relatives addressed the Emergency Situations Psychological Aid Center about this. The soldier was initially placed in a military hospital. Now, the question is being investigated whether he was subjected to pressure in a military unit.

A week later, as many as five Armenian servicemen deserted from military units in the occupied Aghdere. Among the deserters there was even an officer - a company commander. 19-year-old Hamlet Adamyan, leaving the machine gun, deserted directly from the military post. The company commander captain Tigran Hovhannisyan and private soldiers Rudik Kharatyan, Artem Veranyan and Radik Georganyan followed his example.

On the same day, a criminal case was initiated against three servicemen of a unit of the Armenian troops illegally deployed in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh for participating in a mass brawl. The fight occurred between draftees from Armenia and Karabakh. As a result, Tatul Karapetyan, Narek Papoyan and Harut Petrosyan were taken to the military prosecutor’s office for questioning. The investigator informed that all servicemen are accused of causing hard bodily harm to the fellow soldiers.

On July 15, another crime was committed as a result of non-statutory relations between the Armenian servicemen. A soldier was brutally beaten by his fellow soldiers. It was stated that the soldier was sick, but after his parents complained and intervened in the case, the command had to send the soldier to a military hospital. Here doctors established the fact of beating.

In addition, the number of people who voluntarily leave the military unit is increasing among Armenian military personnel. They usually do this to evade military service, where they are subjected to humiliation and violence. After his holidays, the soldier Sergey Sardaryan did not return to the military unit based in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh.

On July 20, an accusation of large-scale embezzlement was filed against colonel Armen Mukiasyan. According to the prosecution, Mukiasyan, having abused his powers and entered into an agreement with a group of persons, stole 24 tons of diesel fuel in the amount of 8,86 million drams ($18,600). To this end, he forced the commanders of the anti-aircraft missile division to falsify official documents.

A charge was also filed against the head of the fuel and lubricants service of the military unit, major Armenak Sargsyan. Having colluded with a group of individuals, he stole fuel in large quantities.

On the next day, the 19-year-old conscript soldier Amik Vardanyan was found dead. His body was found at the military post of one of the military units of the Armenian army. According to the preliminary version, the soldier was driven to suicide.

On July 23, the 19-year-old Armenian soldier Volodya Galoyan died from a gunshot wound. He released gunfire in the direction of the senior guard and immediately disappeared after that. The next day, his body was found 50 meters from the observation post, with a gunshot wound to the jaw, with his machine gun lying next to him.

Thus, young Armenian people who had whole live ahead of them, who dreamed of starting a family and raising children, are forced to die on lands not belonging to them, just because of the political ambitions of the Armenian authorities.


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