Koroghlu fortress hides its secrets [PHOTO]

1 August 2019 10:33 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

For many centuries, Koroghlu fortress hides many secrets and evokes great interest of travelers.

Koroghlu fortress is considered one of the most famous and at the same time mysterious places in Azerbaijan. The grand structure is located on the top of a steep cliff, which lies between the villages of Galakand and Miskinli in Gadabay region.

The name of the fortress is connected with the name of Koroglu, the national hero of Azerbaijan. Fortresses with similar name are encountered in Shamkir, Gadabay, Tovuz and other regions. Generally, common feature of the Koroghlu fortresses are they are mostly built in the 17th century at military-strategic points.

There are the ruins of windmill and water reservoir inside the fortress. Local residents believe that there are hidden underground roads in the fortress that have not yet been explored.

Another secret of the fortress is connected with the water reservoir. Despite the fortress is located on the top of the mountain, even today clean water constantly flows into the reservoir. Locals do not remember that someday this water smelled bad or dimmed - and all because it does not stagnate there, but flows along hidden water lines.

The people still live legends associated with the presence in these places of the heroes of folk tales - dastans. 

Koroghlu fortress, which is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, can only be reached on foot. On the western side, the structure is surrounded by sheer cliffs.

Some researchers state that this monument dates back farther than Koroghlu. They believe that the ancient fortress can be attributed to the 7th century, to the times of the ruler of the Albanian region Girdman Javanshir.

At present, restoration works are underway in Koroglu fortress in Gadabay. A staircase is being constructed on the approaches to the  fortress. Restoration of the cultural and historical monument is carried out by Gadabay Executive Power.


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