Best ways to enjoy summer in Azerbaijan [PHOTO]

25 July 2019 10:57 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

If you’re planning some time away in August, including some brilliant beach holiday destinations, take a trip to the Land of Fire.

Located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a beautiful country to visit in the hottest season.

A blend of excellent golden sand beaches and charming villages are great spots for a great summer holiday.

Here are the best destinations to travel to for an amazing summer vacation with your company.

Golden Beaches

With so many beautiful beaches and pleasant weather, Azerbaijan offers a perfect touristy ambiance where you can relax.   

Beach season in Azerbaijan starts from June, although some people start it earlier in May because of the warm weather.

The country has more than 500 kilometres (311 miles) of coastline along the western Caspian Sea.

With so many golden beaches restaurants, Novkhani offers its visitors all joys of the summer season.

Every year, thousands of guests come here to try themselves in water volleyball, horse riding, and other entertainments. Holidaymakers can never really go wrong with Nabran, one of the most popular resort in Azerbaijan.

The  seaside attracts tourists and locals with a large and welcoming beach, and plenty to see and do. 

Lovers of sun, sea and sand will be thrilled by the range of activities offered by Bilgah Beach. Numerous hotels and resorts line this stretch of the Caspian Sea.

When the temperatures rises, Azerbaijanis visit Mardakan beach.

Known as one of the best in Baku in terms of sea water quality, it is named after a tribe called the Mards (the Azerbaijani word for "Braves") who lived in the area during the 1st century AD.

There are many cafes and restaurants, where you cannot only quench your thirst with tea and soft drinks, but also have a snack.

Spectacular National parks

If you’re looking for the best places to go on holiday where you can stay most of the time outdoors, the country's national parks is where you need to be. 

The country’s nine national parks, 11 state parks and 24 state reserves, are home to a wide variety of wildlife including eagles, gazelles, bears, wolves, deer, and wild boar.

Absheron National Park is a great place for all those fascinated by nature. 

Established in the basis of Absheron State Nature Sanctuary, the national park stretches 783 ha area of administrative territory of Baku city.

The National Park is situated in the south-eastern end of Absheron peninsula in the Shah Dili territory.

Gazelle, jackal, fox, rabbit, badger, Caspian seal, birds such as silver gull, wheezing swan, grey and red-headed black, white-eyed black ducks, big white bittern, sandpiper, bald-coot and other migrant birds have inhabited here.

Anyone visiting Azerbaijan in summer should visit the Goygol National Parkt to view one of the country's most beautiful and cleanest lakes.

Goygol lake gets its name from its deep blue-colored water. It was formed in 1939 as a result of earthquake occurred in Ganja. Kapaz mountain was tumbled down, blocked up the Aghsuchay river.

More than 423 types of trees, shrubs and medicinal plants grow here. In the surrounding forests you can meet wolves, foxes, deer, jackals, bears, lynx and many other animals. The lake area is ideal for walking, traveling, and family picnics. Recreation on the shore of the fresh lake is the best decision on hot days.

Looking for the most beautiful places for nature? Then take a look at the Shahdag National Park.

The height of the National Park territory is the main reason behind its climatic diversity, fertility of flora and richness of animal life. The landscape of the territory is fantastic and the mountains attract not only tourists, but also sportsmen to the highest peaks of the country, Bazarduzu Mountain of 4,466 meters above sea level.

The major types of trees are Caucasian Oak, Caucasian, European Hornbeam, Oriental Hornbeam, Oriental Beech, Silver Birch, Birch, Common Yew, White Willow, Common Walnut, Wild Cherry etc.

There are also many other national parks, including Zangazur National Park, Altiagach National Park and so on waiting you to explore this summer.

Hot Music Festivals

Azerbaijan is home to the best music festival. Find out where and when your favorite singers are hitting the stage right here.

Gabala Music Festival traditionally takes place every year in summer. The festival features some of the world-class classical music concerts and fantastic jazz evenings.

The 11th  Gabala International Music Festival will on July 28-August 5, bringing together the world-famous musicians. So, don't miss your chance to join the feast of music!

The country's hottest summer festival, Zhara Festival brings together Azerbaijani and foreign celebrities on the Caspian Sea cost.

The hours-long concert program features original choreographic productions, light and video shows, powerful sound and bright decorations.

This year, summer festival will take place at the Sea Breeze recreation center on July 25-28.

The event organizers include People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Emin Agalarov (EMIN), Honored Artist of Russia Grigory Leps and founder of the Russian Radio and Golden Gramophone Prize Sergey Kozhevnikov.

Big City Lights

Who says that you can't spend your summer holiday without leaving the city? This holiday season you may have more time than you usually do to check out art exhibitions.

There are numerous museums and art galleries in country that are waiting you to explore.

The National Art Museum is a treasure house that preserves national moral values and cultural heritage. The museum holds more than 17,000 artistic exhibits, which have a rich history.

Baku Modern Art museum provides a chance to get acquainted with the works of such artists, as Rasim Babayev, Ashraf Murad, Gennady Brejatjuk, Fazil Najafov, Mamed Mustafaev, Aga Oussejnov, Ali Ibadullaev, Mir-Nadir Zeynalov, Fuad Salayev, Farhad Halilov, Darvin Velibayov, Eldar Mammadov, Mikail Abdurahmanov, Museib Amirov, Mahmud Rustamov and other masters of brush.

You can also get lost in the streets of the Old City, which was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

The must-see places in Baku also include the Heydar Aliyev Center, Seaside Boulevard and much more.

If you're an impulsive shopper, the city's luxury boutiques and shopping centers will held you to achieve effortless holiday style.


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