Unique photo exhibition amazes viewers [PHOTO]

23 June 2019 14:40 (UTC+04:00)


By Laman Ismayilova

YARAT Contemporary Art Space has presented an exhibition called “Dadash Adna: Love me”, prepared within the framework of the ARTIM project.

This is the first exhibition presented by YARAT at the new address of the ARTIM Project Space.

The multidisciplinary exhibition “Dadash Adna: Love Me”, curated by Ehtiram Jabi, winner of the Open Competition of Curators, showcases the modern space in a new format.

The exhibition covers the full spectrum of Dadash Adna’s creativity, including photography, video, posters, poetry and paintings.

"Love me" is a message and Dadash Adna’s most important expectation from the world.

The main heroes of Dadash Adna, who was more known as a photographer, are ordinary people and their environment, their life, and untold desires. His photographs in portrait, landscape and still life genres deliver the stories he saw in the way he felt them. Regardless of the theme and the genre, the focus of his photographs is deeply rooted in emotions and feelings.

Dadash’s videos emphasize his interest to various directions of creativity. Having recorded the process of writing and reading his poems, the photographer and poet created a number of documentaries differing by their particular originality.

His poems were written in free verse. In the poems written in Azeri and Turkish, Adna spoke of everyday routine, shared his thoughts and feelings. In addition, the content of his poems includes the author’s subjective philosophical position and the questions concerning him.

The author’s numerous previously non-exhibited pencil drawings create an impression of him being an amateur-artist who sees the world from a different prism. Dadash’s life stories are also revealed in his paintings that are close to symbolism and surrealism. 

The posters created by Dadash Adna come from his keen interest in cinema. He masterfully uses the photographs he captures. The title of the exhibition is taken from the "Love me" poster which he prepared for his same-titled poem. 

The exhibition opening included a concert "Full Moon Man" performed by Dadash Adna’s closest friend Vusal Rzasoy, who is a singer, composer and poet known under the VIESULAS alias. 

Dadash Adna (Abulgasım Adnayev) (1978-2015) was born in Sadarak settlement in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. He came to Baku in 1993, where he studied at the chemistry and biology based high school. After graduation, Dadash returned to Nakhchivan and started to work as an amateur photographer and videographer.

In 2000, he worked as an operator at a number of TV channels in Baku and regions, as well as a designer, technical manager and record keeper. His interest in photography from his young ages brought him to amateur photography.

The exhibition will last until July 12.


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