Janub power plant’s dependability being improved

2 May 2019 15:20 (UTC+04:00)

By Mirsaid Ibrahimzade

Taking into account that Azerbaijan has always been rich by its energy resources and the power industry of the country is developing at a great pace, occurrence of unexpected accidents which can lead to some issues is inevitable.

The primary goal is to take necessary and timely measures to prevent problems. Accident at the thermal power plant in Mingachevir city in July 2018 led to a breakdown in the country's power system and at the present, reconstruction work at the power plant is being conducted at the most advanced technological level in accordance with the instructions of the head of state.

One of two 330 kV autotransformers at the Janub power plant in Azerbaijan’s Shirvan city, the second biggest power plant in the country, was also damaged by this accident. The autotransformer was repaired at the local transformer plant ‘ATEF2’ and installed at the previous place.

As a result of the conducted work, the reliability of 330 kV and 220 kV networks was increased. The voltage was also increased from 6 kV to 6.3 kV, according to Azerenergy OJSC.

A water sedimentation tank and circulation pumps are also being repaired to prevent water leakage. After repair, the reliability of operations will increase. The 110-kilovolt closed switchgear will be renewed in the coming days.

Meanwhile, a new gas line stretching 25 kilometers from the gas distribution station located in the Hajigabul district to the Janub power plant is being laid. After a new pipeline is laid, gas will be supplied directly into the turbine, so the compressors will no longer be used.

As much as 7 million kW/h of electricity was consumed monthly for the operation of two gas compressors; now, this saved volume will be directed into the general power grid. A new 220-kilovolt power line stretching 108 kilometers from the Janub power plant to the Khirdalan substation has been almost laid.

İn addition, the production capacity of the Janub power plant was increased from 520 MW to 720 MW and there by the “lost” 200 MW power was restored as part of the work carried out by Azerenergy in boilers, turbines and other equipment at the Janub power plant within the Rehabilitation Program.

Touching upon electric power industry of Azerbaijan, it should be pointed out that the construction of the Shimal-2 power plant with a capacity of 400 megawatts is nearing completion. Test work is carried out every week at the plant together with specialists from Mitsubishi. The Shimal-2 power plant will be commissioned this summer.

Azerbaijan fully provides itself with electricity and even exports it in large quantities. The country's electricity production amounted to 22.52 billion kilowatt-hours in 2018, thus showing an increase of 3.4 percent compared to 2017. Electricity exports to Russia, Georgia, Iran and Turkey increased by 175 million kilowatt-hours or 14.2 percent.


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