One-third of waste in Azerbaijan used for electricity production

25 April 2019 19:39 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

Electricity in Azerbaijan is produced in excess, which allows the country not only to meet the domestic demand, but also to export to neighboring countries. Among other sources of energy production, waste is also widely used for energy production in Azerbaijan.

As a result of the activities of households, enterprises and organizations, last year Azerbaijan generated 2.9 million tons of waste, which is 5.1 percent more than in 2017, according to the State Statistics Committee.

Of the total waste, as many as 60.6 percent accounted for solid waste, while 39.4 percent was waste resulting from the activities of enterprises.

Some 31.2 percent of 1.76 million tons of municipal solid waste was used for energy production in 2018, 0.3 percent was sold within the country, and 68.5 percent was taken to landfills. In particular, 162.2 million KWh of electricity was produced using household waste.

Meanwhile, about 27.7 percent of processed raw materials and industrial waste was used in industry and other sectors of the economy, 16.2 percent was sold throughout the country, 0.9 percent was exported, 12.4 percent was taken to landfills and 42.8 percent remained at enterprises.

During the production processes at the enterprises, as many as 338,700 tons of hazardous waste was generated. This is 27.3 percent more than in 2017, and its share in the total volume of waste was 11.7 percent.

Last year, 64,200 tons of hazardous waste was completely disposed, including the part that was accumulated in previous years. As much as 49.9 percent of the waste was generated in the extractive industries, and most of it comes from enterprises located in Baku.


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