Karabakh occupation interferes Pashinyan to save Armenia

24 April 2019 16:45 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

After several days of mass protests in Yerevan and in other cities of the country, previous Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan resigned on April 23, 2018. Thus, the velvet revolution officially formalized the "victory".

April 23 could become a Citizen's Day, but the Armenian government decided that non-working days in this country are enough. Therefore, the official holiday is scheduled for the first Saturday of April. It will be every year - until the next coup, probability of which today by expert circles of the country is no longer excluded.

It is unlikely that the people expected that a year later they would continue to live in poverty and insecurity. The anniversary of the coup there was expected to be celebrated in a prosperous country with magically flourishing economies, repatriation and recognized Karabakh. But none of the above happened, and over the course of 365 days, the Armenians got only promises.

Armenian academician Gevorg Poghosyan recently expressed surprise at the fact that in Armenia, after the April coup, sociological polls were no longer conducted. He thinks this is strange because usually after revolutions, it is always important for new authorities to know the dynamics of public opinion.

The 24news.am publication itself conducted a survey among the population to find out what interests it most of all today. Citizens were asked to voice a question that they would like to ask the prime minister if they had the opportunity.

As the newspaper writes, all respondents addressed the prime minister only one question: when will real changes happen in the country?

The survey results show that the era of populism has come to an end, and all that is of interest to citizens today is when the new government begins to fulfill the promises made to the people. It's time to ask him Pashinyan a year later, filled with empty chatter.

The Armenian Prime Minister himself understands that a year has passed ineptly. Hence his nervousness and anger, which he can no longer hide. It was planned that the “velvet revolution” in a couple of months would turn into pan-Armenian prosperity. When this did not happen, the degree of revolutionary enthusiasm in society declined sharply. Therefore, surveys are not conducted.

Sociologists inform Pashinyan had 95 percent support of the society in April 2018. In the fall, at the elections of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, My Step alliance, led by Pashinyan had about 81 percent, and only 71 percent in the early parliamentary elections on December 9. Meanwhile, the opposition is conducting its own polls, and, according to them, as of today Nikol Pashinyan is no longer supported by more than 51 percent of the citizens.

The biggest disappointment is due to the lack of concrete, tangible results. In the last period, the government, realizing that people expect tangible changes in the economy, says that there is a shift in investment, talks about $ 3.3 billion programs. But people want to know how many jobs were created through these investments, and with what salary.

The situation is worsening, but Pashinyan continues to make promises and take steps that convince the society that real changes will never happen.

Most importantly, the Armenians believed that with the arrival of Pashinyan, democracy will come, laws will work and power, as promised by the revolutionary prime minister, will belong to the people. However, in reality, it began to belong to one person, even to a greater degree than under the previous regime.

Nationalists also associated with the new authorities expectations in the matter of consolidating the results of the Karabakh war and steps towards the recognition of Karabakh by international organizations and countries of the world.

Back in May 2018, Pashinyan said that he would do everything to bring illegal regime in Karabakh back to the negotiating table, but this remained only as promise. Pashinyan overestimated his opportunities. Neither its pseudo-revolutionism, nor the pseudo-democratic image of Armenia made the international organizations reconsider their priorities and abandon the principle of territorial integrity.

Pashinyan's ideas failed, he wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. This situation will follow any good intentions in this country as long as there is an unresolved Karabakh issue and as long as the occupation of Azerbaijani lands continues.


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