Lerik. A region of centenarians

22 April 2019 20:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Kamila Aliyeva

Longevity is somewhat we all strive for, wishing to see our grandchildren and great-grandchildren living a happy and full life. However, ecology and stress often negatively affect the life of the people, causing illnesses to older generation.

Not in vain it is believed that people residing in rural areas live a longer life, thanks to the nature that surrounds them, as well as fresh and natural products.  

Thus it is not surprising that Azerbaijan’s Lerik known for its wonderful nature, amazing panoramas, natural gifts, has large number of people who are over 100 years old. People here feel more vigorous and healthy. In Lerik, a remote mountainous area, long-livers are not a surprising phenomenon.

Currently, the 105-year-old Raja Ibrahimova is the oldest citizen of Lerik, Azertag reported.

In general, more than 20 residents over 100 years old live in the area.

In 1991, the Longevity Museum was created in Lerik for the first time in the world. The museum, which consists of two expositions, contains over 2,000 exhibits about over 50 Lerik residents above 100 years old, including interesting information, photographs, etc.

Dilara Fatullayeva, director of the the Longevity Museum, said that currently the oldest resident of Lerik is Raji Ibrahimova.

“She was born in 1914. Another long-lived woman, Gulanber Salimova, born in 1915, lives in the village of Aliabad. Mammadkhan, who is more than 100 years old, lives in the village of Jengemiran," she noted.

Fatullayeva also said that the museum, along with local tourists, is visited in large numbers by foreign guests. The museum was visited by ambassadors of Jordan, Israel, Belgium and France.

“In addition, guests from various regions of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany visited our museum. They admire the residents' national clothes, their attachment to customs and traditions, the fact that they prefer natural food,” she said.

The oldest inhabitant of Lerik was Shirali Muslumov, a resident of the village of Barzavu. He lived a life of 168 years.

The population in the remote mountainous region of Lerik is 84,000 people. The names of some of the oldest inhabitants of our planet - Shirali Muslumov (168 years old), a resident of the Piresor village Makhmud Eyvazov (150 years old), and a resident of the Jengemiran village Gyzyl Guliyeva (134 years) - are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Azerbaijan can be proud with its centenarians. About 42 percent of all inhabitants of the planet who have reached 100 years or more live in the Caucasus region.

Those who have lived to blow out 100 candles are frequently found in Azerbaijan, mostly in Lankaran, Masalli, Zagatala, Gusar, Gazakh, Tovuz, Ismayilli, Jalilabad, Shamakhi, Lachin, Kalbajar, Lerik and Aghdam regions.

In recent years, demographic indicators in our country have changed in a positive direction, since there has been an increase in population. This is also confirmed by the fact that recently the population of the country reached 10 million people. The demographic situation is changing for the better in all cities and regions of Azerbaijan, including remote areas. Such an example is Lerik, a true region of long-livers.


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