"Friends" of Armenia beating old drum of "genocide" amid 24 April

16 April 2019 17:56 (UTC+04:00)

By Azer Ahmadbayli – Trend:

Some Armenians begin to feel uncomfortable when Europe, trying to stop the influence of Turkey, or the United States, trying to punish Ankara for its independent policy, once again pulls out greasy card of the "Armenian genocide". I mean a very small number of Armenian intellectuals, who are able to separate falsehood from sincere intentions, and who understand that it is just Turkey, which can actually be their reliable neighbor and ally.

Last week, several members of the US House of representatives presented a new resolution on the recognition of the "Armenian genocide". The resolution was supported by more than 70 congressmen.

The theme of genocide emerged “at the right time” when the well-known American-Turkish differences are at their peak. However, the congressmen apparently are not familiar with some intricacies.

During the Cold war, at the military departments of some higher Soviet educational establishments, students studied a special training course titled "National and psychological characteristics of the potential adversary." Turkey, among others, was in the list due to its membership in NATO. As proven many times before in history, jawboning or blackmail towards Turkey has never led to the desired results and backfired as a rule.

However, apart from the Congress, the United States has a number of political institutions and think tanks that are able to objectively assess Washington's relations with its allies, taking into account American interests.

“Relations between Turkey and the United States have deep roots allowing us to overcome existing differences,” Turkish President’s spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said yesterday, at the opening of the 37th annual conference in Washington, dedicated to the US-Turkey relations.

Also yesterday, NATO's response followed Turkey's purchase of the Russian weaponry. Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems is a sovereign right of Ankara, Madeleine Moon, NATO PA President, said, Anadolu Agency reported. She added that Turkey is a strong and reliable ally of NATO.

A couple of days after the recommendation of the US congressmen, French President Emmanuel Macron signed a decree declaring April 24 the official Memorial Day of the "Armenian genocide”.

Before making such a decision, the president of France should have turned to the dark pages in the history of his own country, Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, referring to the time of the French colonial rule in Algeria from 1830 to 1962.

Despite the fact that President Macron has a very low approval rating in his homeland and calls some of his compatriots "jerks in yellow vests", some say that, despite his young age, he is a very experienced politician and an educated person.

He probably read remarks of a French writer and intellectual Simone de Beauvoir: “Since 1954, we, the French, have become complicit in genocide. Under the pretext of peace, we killed more than a million Algerians. We burned entire villages with their inhabitants, slaughtered the population, removing unborn children from the wombs of mothers, tortured to death. Whole tribes suffered from cold and hunger, died from epidemics in concentration camps. About half a million Algerians died in those camps.”

Feeding the theme of the “Armenian genocide” into the public from year to year, or threatening Turkey with its recognition, the so-called "friends" of Armenia repeatedly emasculate this painful issue.

Instead of beating the old drum of “genocide”, Armenia would’ve been better off trying to normalize relations with its closest neighbors.


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