AzerGold continues optimization work

15 March 2019 20:39 (UTC+04:00)

By Mirsaid Ibrahimzade

AzerGold continues optimization of its operations. As part of the work done in this direction, a power transmission line with a capacity of 35 kilovolts was drawn from the Dashkasan substation to Chovdar ore processing area, Trend reports referring to the company on March 15.

The total length of the new line, consisting of 71 pillars, is 8.9 kilometers. The nominal power of an AS 120 mm² wire used in an overhead line reaches 390 amps.

Along with the reduction of electricity supply costs at Chovdar plant by 50 percent, the line will also fully satisfy the demand for electricity, which will increase during the underground (sulfide) stage of operation of the Chovdar deposit. The generators used for power supply prior to the permanent line will play the role of a spare source of electricity.

It should be noted that AzerGold CJSC regularly takes measures to optimize all spheres of activity. As a result of the optimization work carried out at the Chovdar plant last year, the hourly production capacity for ore crushing and grinding was increased from 100-150 tons to 200-250 tons. At the same time, thanks to the use of modern technologies and optimization measures, the use of chemical reagents decreased by 20-30 percent, while gold production increased by 33 percent compared to 2017.

Last year, 45 990 ounces of gold and 77 340 ounces of silver were extracted by the company from the Chovdar field, which exceeds the production plan for 2018 and this is for 34 percent higher than the gold production figures for 2017 and for 53 percent more than the silver extraction numbers of the 2017 year.

This year, AzerGold is planning to produce 50,000 ounces of gold and 87,000 ounces of silver in accordance with the production plan made up for  Chovdar field, which is for 10 percent more than the gold production and for 13 percent more than the silver production in 2018 year.

At the moment, AzerGold CJSC successfully continues production at the Chovdar deposit. As a result of the successful operation of this field, 319 permanent work places were opened and taxes in the amount of 10,523,220 manats were paid in 2018.

In addition, the priority tasks are drilling and related research at the Filizchay field, promising areas of Agyochush, Tulallar and Ortakkend-Khanaga.

Along with making a tangible contribution to the development of the non-oil sector and the socio-economic development of the regions, the activities planned by AzerGold will create favorable conditions for the long-term and comprehensive development of the mining industry.


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