Kazakhstan ranks first in gasoline cheapness among 33 countries

5 February 2019 19:47 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

Kazakhstan has the cheapest gasoline among 33 countries of the world.

In absolute prices, the lowest cost is noted in Kazakhstan. The liter of the 95th gasoline makes 181 tenges ($0.47). In the second place is Russia with 263.7 tenges ($0.69) per liter. Belarus ranked third - 274.8 tenges ($0.72). The price in Ukraine is 421 tenges ($1.10).

Further in the ranking are mainly Eastern European countries, also with relatively low fuel prices, the article says.

At the same time, the most expensive gasoline in the Netherlands is 689.7 tenge ($1.8) per liter. This is followed by Norway, Denmark, Italy and Greece. In these countries, a liter of gas will cost more than 656 tenge ($1.72) per liter.

The cheapest diesel fuel is also sold in Kazakhstan at a cost of 272 tenges ($0.71 per liter), Russia and Belarus 276.5 tenge ($0.72 each).

The most expensive diesel is in Norway with 670.9 tenges ($1.76) per liter. Also among the leaders in terms of high prices are Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, France and Finland. There the price exceeds 615 tenge ($1.61).

The compilers of the rating point out that in most states, gasoline prices have declined. The decline is noted in 26 of 33 countries, the most significant - in Cyprus (12.3 percent), in Hungary (9.4 percent) and Slovenia (8.7 percent).

Earlier, Kazakhstan has produced a new type of diesel fuel that will withstand severe frosts.

A new type of fuel was produced at the end of November and was named Khazar-32 by a vote of the plant’s employees. Its maximum filterability temperature is 32.

By its qualities, it corresponds to the environmental class K5, that is, it has a minimum sulfur content, and therefore less harmful to the environment.

A new product was produced at a deep oil refining complex built as part of the refinery modernization project.

This is Kazakhstan’s largest complex of technological installations, which produces motor fuel corresponding to classes K4 and K5, and allows to increase the volume of oil refining at the Atyrau refinery to 5.5 million tons.

The cost of fuel in Kazakhstan, according to the Ministry of Energy, is significantly lower than in neighboring countries. Thus, the retail price of gasoline brand AI-92 in Kazakhstan amounted to 154.8 tenge per liter ($0.4).

Kanat Bozumbayev said in November 2018, that the volume of gasoline reserves in Kazakhstan is almost 352,000 tons. He also added that the need for fuel in the Republic of Kazakhstan is completely closed.

Kazakhstan, as a result of modernization of oil refineries, has increased the production of gasoline, which exceeds the needs of the republic and creates a surplus of fuel.

Kazakhstan has three major oil refineries - Atyrau, Shymkent and Pavlodar. 


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