Prices for secondary housing in Tashkent made public

14 November 2018 20:00 (UTC+04:00)

By  Trend

The average supply price in the secondary housing market in Tashkent in October was 633 provisional units per square meter, having changed little, if at all compared with September (634) and August (631) prices, reads the review of the evaluation organization Credo Max Estimation, provided to

The prices for apartments in houses made out of bricks at the end of October amounted to 668 provisional units (in September – to 667 provisional units), in panel houses – to 612 provisional units (in September – to 614 provisional units).

Depending on the number of rooms, the average price per square meter was as follows: one-room - 625 provisional units (minus 1 percent), two-room - 621 provisional units (unchanged), three-room - 642 provisional units (minus 1 percent), apartments with four or more rooms - 652 provisional units (unchanged).


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