Italian theater breaks laws of physics [PHOTO]

7 November 2018 16:25 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

The 2nd M.A.P International Theater Festival opened on November 6 with a stunning performance by the Italian NoGravity theater.

The opera "Aria" conquered the main festival grounds of Europe and became a bright decoration of the opening of the 2nd M.A.P International Theater Festival, Trend Life reported.

A baroque musical show and aerial dancing, a synthesis of levitation and enchanting performance, were met with applause from the audience.

The performance was created on a base of fancy plastic game and work with stage machinery. The bodies of the actors formed unusual figures. Their performance was accompanied by Roma Barocca Ensemble.

Elegant costumes, breathtaking choreography, music poetry and the beauty of singing - everything is intertwined in this multi-genre production, in which dancers, musicians and singers play a main role.

The most surprising thing about the performance is how viewers from the 21st century look at the machinery from the 17th century.

No video projections, 13 baroque works (arias from Vivaldi, Monteverdi, Pergolesi, Tartini) sound against the background of giant bumblebees, boats floating in the sky and architecture of human bodies that run, climb and glide through the air, mesmerized viewers.

Air choreography, stringed cables and a mirror system create a breathtaking optical illusion.

The name of the NoGravity Theater troupe speaks for itself - the artists really do not recognize the laws of physics. The creative style of Emiliano Pellisari, artistic director of the troupe, originates from the Hellenistic culture and the Renaissance, reflecting the traditions of the Italian miracle theater - a period when engineering inventions of such masters as Bernardo Buontalenti and Leonardo da Vinci were actively introduced into art in Florence, Rome, Milan.

In our century, when theatrical magic from year to year is generated by more and more powerful graphic and computer effects that seem to have no boundaries, the play "Aria" creates much more impressive illusions.

Serving as a platform for communication, education, exchange of knowledge and experience, M.A.P. Festival – an acronym for music, art and performance - combines different forms of theatre to help audiences explore a wide range of contemporary theatrical forms.

The festival, organized by YARAT Contemporary Art Space expands its geographical focus, and this year presents 16 performances by theatre companies from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Russia and the United Kingdom.

YARAT is partnering with all major theatre venues in Baku, including the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre, the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators, the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre, ÜNS Creative Stage and Baku Convention Center


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