Armenians protest against new authorities

6 November 2018 18:05 (UTC+04:00)

By Abdul Kerimkhanov

Amnesty of Sasna Tsrer members is a threat to Armenian statehood and it sets a precedent for complete anarchy in the country.

The amnesty was followed by protest actions by other convicts who committed far less serious crimes or even did not have time to commit anything. The armed group Nork Marash, allegedly neutralized three years ago with a lot of noise, refers to such groups. It was preparing terrorist attacks, including the physical elimination of President Sargsyan, with the aim of seizing power. Naira Sargsyan, a case defendant of Nork Marash, complained that the members of this group were not included in the amnesty and asked to mention at least one reason of this.

In turn, Givi Hovhannisyan, a lawyer in the case of the armed group, also expressed dissatisfaction with the "unprecedented amnesty". He believes that the authorities have applied a selective approach, when amnestied Sasna Tsrer but did not want to do this in relation to Nork Marash.

Considering the kind of hysterics supporters of militants from Nork-Marash and similar experiences with Sasna Tsrer roll up in the media, it can be assumed that they will soon be released. 

It can be concluded that trying to attract part of the electorate to the upcoming elections guides those who call for amnesty for the storming the regiment patrol service (RPS). 

In first speech after the release from prison, the extremists Sasna Tsrer began attacks on Russia. They stated that they want to achieve the withdrawal of Russian border troops from Armenia, to ban the broadcasting of Russian TV channels and fight Russian colonialism.

Subversive activities and terrorism are almost considered heroism in Armenia, and while other countries struggle and are ashamed of such things in their territory, Armenians carefully cultivate terrorists and then warmly welcome them to parliament.

On July 17, 2016, the armed group Sasna Tsrer penetrated into the territory of the RPS Regiment of the Armenian Police and under the threat of violence, it held people there. They demanded the resignation of president Serzh Sargsyan and the release of Zhirayr Sefilyan, the leader of the radical constituent parliament opposition organization Constituent Parliament, who is under arrest, accused of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons.

During the seizure of the RPS regiment and subsequent events, 46 people were injured, of whom 26 were police officers. Three policemen were killed, ten at various times were held by a group, seven of them had gunshot wounds of varying degrees of severity. Seven injured are health workers.

The National Security Service and the Investigative Committee of Armenia, as a result of the joint activities undertaken, stopped the organization of mass riots on April 24 to commemorate the victims of the so-called Armenian Genocide in April 2015. A group of people, considering the real possibility of a large number of people gathering during public events in connection with the 100th anniversary of the so-called Armenian Genocide, urged not to obey the authorities and, if necessary, use violence and forceful methods of struggle. Members of the constituent parliament, an oppositional civil initiative, were arrested on charges of organizing riots.


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