SOCAR AQS beats new record [PHOTO]

30 October 2018 12:59 (UTC+04:00)

A few days ago SOCAR AQS set a new record in the history of national drilling industry. With application of a new-generation drilling rig, Drillmec HP 3000, the company successfully ran, with single trip, a heavy-weight intermediate casing in Well 113 of Platform 6 on Bulla Field. Thus, the company successfully ran the second intermediate casing with the weight of 546 t to the depth of 5093 m, and another casing with the weight of 393 t to 5619 m.

Deputy General Director /Chief Geologist, Iftikhar Gasimov says: «Currently, the drilling operations on Well 113 are carried on at the depth of 5620 m. The drilling will continue until full penetration of the well into Horizon 7, which is considered the most productive horizon on Bulla Field. The following operations will include running in the hole with the liner and cementing of the well. As per the project, once Horizon 8 is penetrated, Well 113 will be completed and handed over to production. It should be noted that SOCAR AQS is the first company in the Azerbaijani Sector of the Caspian Sea to perform coring from Horizons 5 and 7 on Bulla Field while drilling of HP/HT wells, in strict compliance with the international standards. I’m sure that the work will result in opening of a new page in the history of oil industry of Azerbaijan Republic!”

For information, in 2017, for the first time in the history of drilling industry, SOCAR AQS performed running in the hole of the heavyweight casings in two runs, while drilling the research Well 78 on Bulla 6 Platform.


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