Azerbaijan ranks 1st among CIS countries as per “Intellectual Property Protection”

18 October 2018 15:17 (UTC+04:00)

By  Trend

Azerbaijan ranks first among the CIS countries by the "Protection of Intellectual Property" indicator in the report of the World Economic Forum, the commentary of the Intellectual Property Agency of Azerbaijan related to the Global Competitiveness Report (GCI-2018) published by the World Economic Forum for 2018, reads.

It is noted that Azerbaijan hold 69th place in accordance with the country's competitiveness rating published in the report.

"The calculation was carried out on the basis of a new method, significantly different from the previously used method. The rating is compiled in 12 positions. The first position "Institutions" is very important from the point of view of intellectual property. Azerbaijan scored 4.8 points in this position and took 36th place (it took 37th place last year.) In terms of the “Protection of Intellectual Property” indicator, Azerbaijan ranks first among the CIS countries, and, outranking Armenia by 30 points, and Georgia by 54 points, is the undisputed leader among the countries of the South Caucasus," the agency said.

It is also noted that Russia is on the 85th place, Ukraine - on the 114th place in terms of this indicator.

The agency stated that the "Innovation" position is related to intellectual property to some extent.

"Azerbaijan holds 71st place in the "Innovation" position, being ahead of Georgia and Kazakhstan, which are at the 85th and 87th places, respectively. The Russian Federation (36th place) and Ukraine (58th place) the leaders here," the agency stated.

It is also stated in the report that Azerbaijan holds 87th and 101-st places in terms of the “patent applications” and “trademark applications”, respectively.


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