Sale of social housing begins in Azerbaijan

6 September 2018 17:14 (UTC+04:00)

By Kamila Aliyeva 

The sale of apartments in five buildings of the Yasamal residential complex in Baku, the first project of the State Agency for Housing Construction, has started on September 5 and will last till December 5.

The purchase of apartments on the balance of the State Agency for Housing Construction is carried out through the “Güzəşttli mənzil” (Preferential housing) electronic system on the e-government portal ( The right to purchase an apartment is obtained only by citizens who opened their cabinets in the “Güzəşttli mənzil” electronic system.

Citizens who have an electronic cabinet have equal rights in the choice of apartments, regardless of the date of registration or the serial number, according to the State Agency. The rules of using the system are discussed in detail with video and text explanations on the websites and

As many as 324 apartments were put up for sale. All buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the state building codes of Azerbaijan.

The cost of these apartments is determined by the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund at below market level.

The cost of these apartments is determined at a level below the average market price and is established by the Azerbaijan Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund.

The price of one-room apartments starts from 29,925 manats ($17,602), the price of two-room apartments - from 47,282 manats ($27,812), the price of three-room apartments - from 65,625 manats ($38,602). The price includes VAT.

All interested persons can find information about the exact area of each apartment (and rooms), prices, operating benefits and additional discounts, agent banks, and make the appropriate calculations by means of a mortgage calculator and a calculator preferential housing on the website of the Yasamal housing complex

The second project on construction of social houses will also be implemented in the capital city. Within the second project, houses are planned to be constructed in Surakhani district, near Hovsan settlement and cover an area of some 20 hectares.

A preferential mortgage is issued only in the Azerbaijani manat and given to citizens of the country. The amount of the monthly payment for the preferential mortgage was also determined.

In case of purchase of housing on a preferential mortgage (for 30 years with a 4 percent rate at 10 percent down payment), the monthly fee for 1 room apartment will be 129-136 manats, 2 rooms apartment - 203-236 manats, 3 rooms apartment - 282-288 manats.

At a one-time full payment by a citizen of the cost of housing at the expense of own funds, a 10 percent discount is applied. In this case, the cost of 1 room apartment will be 26,932 manats, 2 room apartment – 42,554 manats, 3 room apartment – 59,063 manats.

There are two types of product, including social [maximum period 30 years] and standard mortgage [maximum period 25 years], while the annual interest rate on services amounts to 4 and 8 percent respectively. Mortgage is given only for an apartment or private house and its amount should not be more than 80 percent of the market price of the property.  Mortgage payments cannot exceed 70 percent of borrower’s total monthly income.

Every family/person who is entitled to use social mortgage loans can use these concessions only once.


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