Prices for industrial products increase in Kazakhstan

5 September 2018 13:25 (UTC+04:00)

By  Trend

The prices for industrial products in Kazakhstan have increased by 2.2 percent in August this year compared to the previous month, the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan announced on its website.

Since the beginning of this year, prices of the manufacturing enterprises in the processing industry have risen by 6.2 percent, and prices of manufacturing enterprises in the mining industry - by 17.1 percent.

The manufactured industrial products have risen in price by 12.2 percent, the services of industrial nature - by 7.6 percent.

During the reporting period, oil has risen in price by 19.3 percent, diesel fuel - by 18.6 percent, fuel oil - by 15.4 percent, liquefied propane and butane - by 11.8 percent, natural gas - by 10.3 percent, metal ores - by 7.3 percent, the coal - by 5.5 percent, while gasoline fell in price by 1.7 percent.

Also the increase of prices has been recorded for ferroalloys - by 18.3 percent, for ferrous metals - by 11.8 percent. The price for zinc dropped by 6.8 percent, for copper - by 2.2 percent, for lead - by 1.8 percent.


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