Compulsory medical insurance to help development of voluntary medical insurance in Azerbaijan

2 September 2018 14:00 (UTC+04:00)


The development of compulsory medical insurance in the country may positively affect voluntary medical insurance, chairman of board of A-Group Insurance company Anar Bayramov told Trend.

"This influence will be observed only after a few years," he added.

"Over the next few years, compulsory health insurance will not affect voluntary insurance," Bayramov said. "These programs may exist in parallel without interfering with each other. Of course, when compulsory health insurance will fully work, it will be interesting for people to buy additional insurance coverage."

"The additional insurance coverage is very popular in European countries, where medical insurance is widely developed," he added.


"Statistics shows that in European countries where the level of development of compulsory health insurance is very high, about 10 percent of the population actively use voluntary medical insurance," Bayramov added. "In our country, voluntary health insurance covers only about two percent of the population. We hope that compulsory medical insurance will also positively affect voluntary medical insurance, but this requires time. Now it is too early to talk about that. It will be in a few years after effective use of the compulsory medical insurance system."

"The process of full implementation of compulsory medical insurance in Azerbaijan will be completed within five years," Director of the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Zaur Aliyev said earlier.

"In five years we would like any citizen of Azerbaijan, regardless of financial condition, to be able to apply to medical institutions and get the necessary services," he said. "Much work is required, which will be done in stages."