Azerbaijan’s State Security Service detains racketeer reporters [VIDEO]

14 August 2018 10:16 (UTC+04:00)

By  Trend

Azerbaijan's State Security Service has detained Zohrab Agayev, the founder and editor-in-chief of the El Hakimi newspaper and its website, Gunel Jumshudova and others engaged in racketeering and blackmailing of officers and ensigns of military units, the State Security Service said in a message Aug. 13.

The State Security Service has established that the detainees were filming the blackmailing process, sending each other the video footage via mobile phones.

The State Security Service has launched an investigation, according to the message.

As a result of an operational investigation, Zohrab Agayev was detained on the crime scene after receiving the money that he was demanding by threats, and traces of a special powder were found on this money and documented.

Following the investigation on the initiated criminal case, these persons were brought to justice. It was established that these persons were spying on people, conducted secret filming, illegally carried out other actions, involved people in intimate relations, blackmailed individuals, demanded and received money in various amounts. False press certificates and other evidence were also revealed.

Presently, the operative and investigative measures on the criminal case continue, an investigation is underway to identify victims of similar unlawful acts of Zohrab Agayev, Gunel Jumshudova and others.


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