Record number of tourists visit National Parks this July

3 August 2018 16:47 (UTC+04:00)

By Naila Huseynli

There is never a bad time to visit national parks and it is unforgettable experience even during in the winter time. Azerbaijan offers places with unimaginable diversity, climate zone, and wildlife.

In the summer season, the number of tourists visiting the national parks of Azerbaijan has noticeably increased, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources said on August 2.

This July, the number of tourists who visited the national parks of the country exceeded the number of tourists who visited parks during the six months of this year (total 24,261 tourists, 21,223 of them are local, and 3,038 are foreigners).

In nine national parks, which are favorable areas for ecotourism, there are 104 tourist routes that differ in content and diversity.

Tourists can purchase tickets to all national parks online on the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

There are also various national parks that should be visited.

GOBUSTAN National Park

Among these Gobustan is one of the most visited national parks in Azerbaijan. The national park located 60 kilometres (37.3 miles) to the southwest of Baku and it also officially titled the Gobustan Rock Art Landscape.

There are more than 6,000 rocks depict various shapes from human figures to animals and inhabited caves engraving to explore in the area. Gaval dash is known as symphonic rock. Mud volcano is also located nearby.

SHAHDAG National Park

Shahdag is one of the most visited tourist hub in the north of Azerbaijan. This national park covers the territory of five regions. The landscape and the climate diversity of this mountain national park are so fantastic that attract not only tourists, as well as, sportsmen around the world. It is an ideal place to ice climbing, alpine skiing and perfect destination to visit all seasons of the year.

GOYGOL National Park

This national park is called by the name of the Goygol Lake. For this reason, the transparent water of lake reflects surrounding green forest and the blue sky. This national park established to preserve mountain forests, the endemic flora and fauna species of this area. Both lake and the surroundings are valuable to visit.


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