Hidden paradise of Azerbaijan [PHOTO]

18 July 2018 10:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Naila Huseynli

There are favorable conditions for both summer and winter tourism in Azerbaijan. Mingachevir is one of the interesting regions where foreign and domestic tourists can spend summer holidays in an efficient way.

Mingechevir is one of the most beautiful cities in Azerbaijan, due to its many features. It is approximately in the center of the country and covers the right and left coasts of the Kura River. The fourth largest city in Azerbaijan, is located on the coast of Mingachevir Water Reservoir, which is called "sea" by its territory.

Mingechevir also holds the status of the greenest city with the largest streets in the country. The area, which was named the "cleanest and most green city of the USSR" in 1984, still maintains its greenness and ecological integrity. More than 10 large parks were built in the city. At the same time, there are green spaces along the large streets of the city that are very convenient for leisure and entertainment. Throughout the year, the number of sunny days reaches 240-250 in the area of moderate climatic conditions. This allows more than half of the year to enjoy a beach season.

The Kura River and the "sea" coast, which divides the city, create favorable opportunities for summer tourism here. More than half of Mingachevir's beach is open to those who come to rest. There are also free beach areas for those who want to rest with sandy beaches.

There are conditions for fishing in both the Kur River and the Mingachevir Water Reservoir in all seasons of the year. The fish species such as; Shah Makhi (Shamayka), Khasham, Sazan are distinguished by taste.  It is also possible to find rod to catch fish, other equipment and rent small boats. The prices range from 5 manat to 30 manat ($3-$18) for equipment, for boat it ranges between 20 and 50 manats ($12-$30).

In addition, you can eat fish at any time in luxurious restaurants all over the city and small cozy dining rooms that remind the fishing huts.  You can be sure that there is no difference in the taste of cooked fishes, but you can choose any place appropriate for your budgets in terms of price and comfort.

Mingachevir is also appropriate for hunting.  In the surrounding mountains, it is possible to find birds, rabbit, and goose, ducks, gulls and so on.  Tourists who want to hunt must receive a special permit in advance and choose the appropriate time and apply for it.

It is possible to find a hotel, a hostel and daily accommodations for any budget in Mingachevir. There are several 5, 4, and 2 stars hotels in the city. The daily price of the rooms in the 5-star hotel varies from 90 to 240 manats, and in the 4-star hotel - 70-150 manats. There are also small hotels in the city where the prices are about 40-100 manats.

Moreover, it is also possible to find hostels, dorm and daily private houses. The prices of hostels starts from 10 manats, rent houses are estimated at 20-50 manats per day depending on their condition and territory.

Mingechevir is considered as one of the poorest regions of the country due to the fact that many enterprises do not work properly. For this reason, many products can be found here cheaper than other regions.

How to go to Mingachevir?

The region is located 323 km away from Baku. It is possible to use the private car, taxis and buses to go to there and it will take approximately 4.5 hours. The minibuses depart from Baku to Mingechevir every day from 7:00 am to 6 pm in Baku International Bus Station. Large buses depart from the 15:00 to 18:00 with a one hour break. The price of a bus is 6 manat, taxi costs 15 Manats. Therefore, Mingechevir-Baku-Mingechevir high speed train route serves every day from railway station. The nearest international airport is located 80 km away in Ganja and the national airport is 30 km far away in Yevlakh.

Photo by Azertac


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