Skeleton of unique animal discovered in Gabala [PHOTO]

7 June 2018 16:53 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

A skeleton of unique animal has been discovered in Gabala region.

The animal has unique spine and only two limbs, according to a regional correspondent.

The length of the skeleton reaches one meter. The animal has long paws and large teeth.

The skeleton was discovered quite accidentally after a fire that occurred last September in the forest of the region’s Gamarvar village. The unique finding remains a mystery - the skeleton does not resemble any of the animals known in the local fauna.

Experts have not yet discovered the find.  A rural veterinarian said that he has never seen such a strange skeleton.

The discovery caused a great interest among public. Over the past year, many people from country's regions and Baku have came to the village to see and even buy a skeleton.

Currently, the skeleton is stored in one of the recreation centers of Gabala, being an entertaining exhibit for visiting tourists.

Azerbaijan's historical Gabala city offers a variety of natural and man-made sights that are simply captivating.

The city is popular with those who want to explore architectural gems. Being mentioned in the written sources of the 1st century A. D., Gabala was the first capital city of Caucasus Albania. 

In the Middle Ages, Gabala was an important handicraft center. 

The samples of rich material culture found during the archaeological excavations testify that stoneware, metalwork, bone ware, woodwork as well as pottery, glass production, jeweler’s art, dying, tanning and weaving were highly developed here. 

Today Gabala is a worthy heiress of the ancient city, The city is studied by scientists and attracts a lot of tourist from across the world.

The city was chosen the tourist capital of the Islamic world for 2020 by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Among architectural and historical attractions one can point out the Juma mosque, the Mausoleum of Imam-Baba, Albanian church, the burial place of Sheik Mansura,etc.

Many hotels, including world hotel chains were put up in Gabala. The city contains an ice skating rink and a Greek-style theatre, built especially for outside concerts. Tourist can make shopping in several modern shopping malls constructed within the city. Additionally, Gabala is home to Tufan Ski Complex, one of the biggest ski resorts throughout the whole Caucasus, which serves up to 3,000 ski lovers a day.

Moreover, the largest entertainment park under the open sky in Azerbaijan – Gabaland is located at the area of 16 hectares in Gabala. Visitors are provided with extreme kinds of attractions, ice arena, carting, sports fields, theatre, convenient parking, great food in restaurants and cafes.


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