Russian company to assist Uzbekistan in agriculture development strategy

24 May 2018 12:50 (UTC+04:00)

By Kamila Aliyeva

The Russian consulting company, Strategy Partners Group, will assist Uzbekistan in developing the draft Strategy for the Development of Agriculture until 2030.

This is stipulated by the draft government decree developed by the Uzbek Agriculture Ministry and presented for public discussion on Thursday, May 24, Uzbek media outlets reported.

The disparate planning in the agricultural sector and the lack of an effective mechanism for interaction of the authorized bodies led to a blurring of responsibility for the decisions made and the achievement of concrete results, according to the document.

These problems have led to low efficiency in the use of production and resource potential, as well as a negative factor that hinders the diversification and modernization of the industry, the introduction of advanced innovative and resource-saving technologies.

Intensive use of land and non-compliance with the principles of rational resource allocation led to a salinity of 45 percent of irrigated land. Due to a lack of focus on export development, the country has not yet developed infrastructure and a system for promoting products abroad, while the markets of individual countries are closed to Uzbek products with high added value due to protectionism policies.

The difficulty in creating the necessary volumes of supply for large importers is an additional constraint. This is linked to the high fragmentation of agricultural producers in the republic. In addition, products with low added value predominate in their portfolio, while productivity is still inferior to developed foreign countries.

The Agriculture Ministry together with the Strategy Partners Group company should complete the development of the draft Strategy for the Development of Agriculture until 2030 by December 31, 2018.

It should contain measures for stable growth of added value of products, increase in volumes, geographical and product diversification of exports, insurance of food and environmental security, increase in the efficiency of the industry, as well as further rise of per capita income and the quality of life in the rural areas.

As a result of the implementation of the strategy, according to experts, Uzbekistan should become one of the Central Asian leaders in the export of high-margin food and light industry products, which rationally uses and constantly develops labor, water and land resources.

Strategy Partners Group is a Russian strategic consultant operating since 1994. The company assists its clients in carrying out transformations that promote the effective use of intellectual, material and financial resources to ensure leadership in competition and sustainable growth.


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